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"The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood is an Wrestler who debuted for Slam City Pro Wrestling debuting on their second SCPW Slammed show on the 3rd of October 2020 debuting as an heel powerhouse in style. Now following Slam City Pro Wrestling's closure she worked an sole show with DCWF on the 14th of February 2021 in an losing effort to Kira Scarbridge. She would then be announced signed with new promotion Fusion Pro Wrestling returning to her native country to sign for them and perform debuting on the 18th of March 2021 first episode of Fusion Pro Wrestling the weekly show in an winning effort against Samantha Foxy appearing until 8th July 2021 where she would go on to do some short work for BCW in early 2022. "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood would return to Fusion Pro Wrestling at FPW Chapter 9 Still Chasing The Sun on 4th of August 2022 reestablishing herself as an heel during an promo return.

Personality and Backstory

All that is currently known is she was from Great Yarmouth England and had grown up liking the circus at some point something must have sent her more mad her love of the more horror circus is noticeable by her attitude and seaming liking the more freakish tone and attitude. It is known something tragic has happened in her past and is very much caring for her circus seeing them as family nothing more on why.

Debut and Slam City Pro Wrestling Run

Abbie Tood debuted on the 2nd ever SCPW Slammed show against Kanako Kobayashi she quickly established she was an heel during this match having an go at the commentary seemingly not caring for the rules using many not so legal moves. Eventually she would overcome Kananko putting her away with the Ringmasters Fold to end the match with an pinfall victory. The next week Abbie would completely destroy her next opponent the very popular Bunneh Honney dominating the match mostly using nasty moves again further establishing herself as an heel. Her third match she would be very lucky in realistically losing against Sarah Jane Crowley who was larger than her but then Brooke Owens appearing on the ramp to distract her rival allowed for Abbie to get an set of brass knuckles and use them to knock Sarah out for the pinfall victory. At SCPW Purgatory she would take part in an four way match doing rather well it looked like she would win the match towards the end when Lyria had been taken out by an interfering Chiyoko and leaving Bunneh Honey for near dead but she would lose when she turned focus to Bunneh forgetting Kanako's presence and allowing Kananko to finish off Bunneh instead and Kanako scoring the pinfall victory on Bunneh Honey to win the match much to Abbie's annoyance who gave chase seemingly angry.

Abbie Tood would not appear for the rest of November finally reappearing on the 5th of December in an first round tourney match vs Ruth Resident absolutely destroying them in an few minutes to win the match and advance to the second round of the championship tourney. Abbie Tood would face Kanako again in the semi final losing via pinfall to be eliminated from the tourney.

Abbie would next appear on the 2nd of January 2021 once again facing now SCPW Women's World Champion Kanako in an match that went around the 15 minutes mark that was an fantastic back and forth match. During the match Abbie would be very aggressive and would often shout at the fans and her opponent eventually this would be her downfall when Kanako finished her off again. Upon the 16th of January Abbie would take on partner fed WPWF's World Champion Chiyoko in an rather close encounter but Abbie would come up short during this surprisingly close fought match.

Sadly her next appearance would be on the final SCPW show in the opening match of SCPW Gold in an Three Way Dance Match facing Goldie Fox and Kandy Perez. The match was fast paced with Abbie Tood controlling good periods. Eventually Goldie and Kandy disposed of Abbie for an short time they had an slight back and forth before Goldie got even with Kandy by hitting The Golden Experience to pin and eliminate Kandy from the match. Straight after this Abbie Tood came back in the ring and used an whip as an weapon whipping Goldie Fox in the back before delivering Ringmasters Fold for the second and final pinfall to win the match outright despite being an heel she would later appear during the farewell at the end of the event to wish SPCW an goodbye with any of the roster still present by the shows end. Her record on Slam City Pro Wrestling of 9 matches she won 5 of them and lost 3 directly and was not pinned for the 4th loss making it 5-4 record.

Future Following SCPW Closure

It has been hinted at that Abbie Tood will continue elsewhere most rumours suggest an developmental style deal with DCWF she has seemingly done an tease of this after she seamed to do an magic trick to fail to make it into the ring for an match on the 31st of January DCWF Full Tilt. On the 14th of February on her newly created twitter she hinted at her arriving at an new location and its implied to be DCWF. Sure enough on the 14th of February "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood would make an proper debut appearance for DCWF facing Kira Scarbirdge in an losing effort on that days DCWF Full Tilt. However just an short time later on the 25th of February via twitter the new promotion Fusion Pro Wrestling announced her as an roster member and alluding to an dark past. This would turn out to be her only appearances for DCWF

Fusion Pro Wrestling

On the 25th of February 2021 during the Fusion Pro Wrestling roster reveal on the twitter page the 4th reveal of the penultimate day announced Abbie Tood had been signed to Fusion Pro Wrestling and although she would not appear on the first Welcome To The Fusion show there is merchandise and when the intro video was revealed on March 15th Abbie could be seen posing in the video. "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood would debut on the 18th of March 2021 Fusion Pro Wrestling she would face Samantha Foxy. The match was very much even at times with Abbie being her usual version of nasty and aggressive way of fighting and managaging to massively anger the crowd. It looked like Abbie was going to lose then Brooke Owens distracted Samantha Foxy long enough for her to walk into The Ringmasters Whip Abbie's new secondary finisher for the pinfall win which would see Abbie Tood go to the number 2 slot on the FPW rankings. On the 25th of March edition Abbie Tood would face the debuting Joanne Steel during the whole match really solidifying her postion as an heel during the match but would eventually lose the match and fell out of the top 3 rankings. She would cut an promo speaking about her circus being there to grab an claim to fame an share of it on the 1st of April 2021 and then would disappear for most of April.

First Feud with Joanne Steel

Upon the 29th of April 2021 Abbie Tood would once again face off with Joanne Steel eventually dominating the match showing off an talking smack through out the match she would show off too much with Joanne getting an roll up surprise win. Abbie did not take kindly to this and instantly beat down Joanne shouting an lot before laying Joanne out with her Ringmasters Fold finisher and leaving shouting about the circus always wins while the fans showed their dislike for Abbie and her actions. Over the course of the following week Joanne Steel would call out Abbie Tood on social media and would come out on the show and challenged Abbie to an Submission match at the Chapter 2 Chase The Sun which Abbie would accept so the match was made official for the Chase The Sun Show. Upon the 13th of May despite not physically appearing Abbie's music would play whilst Joanne was in an tag team match against transcendence leaving her opponents with an easy win on her partner Jessie Mateo. Joanne Steel would do the same in return an week later distracting Abbie whilst she was dominating an match with Jessie enough to cause Abbie to lose via the music distraction which Abbie was rather angry following the match. Upon the 27th of May Joanne Steel would come out at the start of the show however before being able to talk Abbie came down to the ringside area and began an violent attack of Joanne Steel the week before their Chase The Sun match talking an lot of smack following violently attacking the leg of Joanne and applying an heel hook submission hold. At FPW Chapter two Chase The Sun Abbie Tood would as scheduled face Joanne Steel in an submission match. The match was brutal multiple outside spots the two brawling for long periods of time during the match with Abbie at one point whipping Joanne in the back and busting Joanne's head open on an exposed turnbuckle. Despite fighting well Joanne eventually ended up passing out from the pain and blood while Abbie had put her into an Ligertamer submission move to win the match via technical submission due to Joanne passing out.

Upon the 10th of June Abbie Tood would be celebrating her win but would not get the chance to speak as an not medically cleared Joanne Steel would come out of the crowd to attack Abbie Tood. This would continue the next week before an scheduled tag team match Joanne would formally challenge Abbie to an second match at the July Rock The Dragon show and allow Abbie to choose the match stipulation the two would then brawl to the back. Abbie on the 24th of June would accept the challenge but not name an stipulation. Abbie would go on to have an match with Emma Higgins one Abbie would mainly dominate having really taunted the crowd and Joanne during the match winning after an ringmasters fold for the pinfall win and just stomping on her defeated opponent for good measure. On the 1st of July edition of Fusion Pro Wrestling Abbie Tood would come out before the main event and would announce the stipulation for the Rock The Dragon match would be an Deathmatch the two contesting the ultraviolent match at the show the following week. This was not all for Abbie Tood for she would for the first time be in the main event where she would tag with Marionetta The Grand Trickster to face Natalie and Sue Plex. For the majority of the match Marionetta seamed distracted looking for shinys however the team would do well later on Sue would stop Natalie from using an steel chair and would turn to an fully up and ready Abbie who hit Freak Spectacle to finally pin somebody with the move an win the match.

Rock The Dragon and Absence

At FPW Rock The Dragon Abbie Tood would as scheduled take on her rival Joanne Steel in an deathmatch being right in the middle of the show. The match was brutal with Abbie using an pop figure of Horses Morrisey in the same way she used to have Sidney bear this is an homage parody before pulling out an barbwire table following joanne setting up an double stacked table. Eventually Joanne would bust Abbie open with an stop sign following this Joanne would attempt to put Abbie through the double tables but Abbie would get up performing an supperplex through the double stacked table and then would get an kendo stick and use it. Joanne would counter shortly after and attempt to pull Abbie onto the barbwire table that Abbie had set up but Abbie would reverse any attempts and perform The Big Top brainbuster through the barbwire covered table in an brutal move. Abbie would then make an error in bringing another half open one in the ring as she would spear herself through the barb wire covered half open table in the corner and Joanne would set up some light tubes in the ring and jacknife powerbomb Abbie onto them to win the match resulting in the first time Abbie was pinned or submitted on an FPV. Following the loss Abbie Tood has currently not been seen again neither was she in the FPW Womens World Championship Tourney it is unknown and unclear why shes not currently active or when she will return.

Shock Return in 2022 at an new Fed and the short run

Abbie's new 2022 look seen at an private location some point during 2022 doing her signature taunt and entrance pose

Upon the 18th of January 2022 in Australia at Battle Championship Wrestling the opening contest that day was billed as Brie vs an mystery opponent much to the shock of those in attendance the mystery opponent turned out to be none other than "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood returning to wrestling for the first time since July 2021 at FPW Rock The Dragon the match being an back and forth style with Abbie as ever not observing the rules would eventually play slightly dirty raking the eyes before hitting The Ringmasters Whip to pin Brie for the win upsetting the former BCW Womens Champion. Abbie would pick up quick victories against enhancement talent making sporadic appearances cutting an promo and later attacking Moma T leading to an match an week later an Bayou Whipping match which she would lose but rather than show respect at the end would further attack Moma T however just an few weeks later Abbie would work her final BCW match defeating an enhancement talent in quick fashion again and then disappearing from the promotion again and has not been seen since late April 2022.

Return to Fusion Pro Wrestling Summer 2022

Build to Still Chasing The Sun circus vignettes airing and return to FPW at FPW Chapter 9 Still Chasing The Sun

"The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood with her macaw parrot Captain Jack Parrot after making her return to FPW at FPW Chapter 9 Still Chasing The Sun

Upon the 14th July edition of FPW Allegiance an strange vignette would air containing an macaw parrot to some rather circus like music, the next week an further vignette would air this time showing some rather freaky dancers to the same circus music. On the final FPW Uncensored an third and final vignette would air showing the macaw riding an three wheeled bike, some strongmen acrobats and an man with an dog dancing around his head once again to the strange circus music. At the Still Chasing The Sun press conference the area was strangely circus like and an macaw would brielfy visit Lux Tesla in an strange way, At FPW Still Chasing The Sun as the ring announcer Drewski Hoxley was introducing himself the previous vignette would play on the tron with him speculating if an circus was in town Trixie on commentary would dismiss this Tejay suggesting it made it look like one was in town, then it flashed up "Are You Ready To Be Entertained" just at this happened it became obvious to those at commentary whom was behind the vignettes as the screen turned and the stage area turned black and white and circus for an psycho began to play within the venue as the vignettes belonged to "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood making her return to Fusion Pro Wrestling to open Chapter 9 Still Chasing The Sun much to the shock of the guest ring announcer and commentary's despair and Abbie was confirming the macaw parrot being hers brining it to the stage during her entrance. "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood would cut an promo introducing the show before fully establishing she was still heel by insulting the fans by shouting about how others questioned her having an freakshow and not knowing what they had been through before finally threatening any whom opposed her and insulting the venue town Blackpool before leaving to let the opening act to get on with the show and continued to comment throughout the show via her twitter.

Charity Show Appearances

On the 25th of January 2021 Abbie Tood would make an Charity Show appearance for the first ever time at the Firefight 2 charity show. Her opponent was DCWF's Emma Grey during the match Abbie did her typical aggressive angry show off style consistently showing off or arguing or threatening others getting more and more angry as the match went on which eventually cost her the match losing to Emma but still managing to threaten the referee and ring announcer after the match.

Abbie Tood would make an second charity show appearance on the 29th of May 2021 at the Bayou Benefit Brawl where she would take on DCWF rookie and local to the venue Samara Moonweaver. The match was contested under Warzone Rules with one slight twist in that the usual 10 count outside the ring was substituted for an longer more dangerous 20 count. The match turned brutal with Abbie using the environment to her advantage before setting up and piledriving Samara through an barbwire table this wouldn't get an win. Samara would later use some brass knuckles which were ineffective despite an headlock driver attempt only got an two count. In the end whilst outside Samara would let her guard down allowing Abbie to whip her in the back put her back in the ring hit the Ringmasters Fold for the pinfall win much to the disgust of the local fans in attendance however the show was liked and raised plenty of money and was seen as an good performance out of her rookie opponent. This would be followed by an appearance at an memorial show in an same match type against Moma T which Abbie would lose.

"The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood at the WPWF Arena prior to The Swans Dance charity show on 5th of February 2022 where she defeated Lia Duffield in an toybox match

"The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood would make an charity show appearance on the 5th of February at The Swans Dance event hosted at WPWF finally making an appearance in the Underground Arena sometimes refered too as the Asylum by taking on Lia Duffield in an Toybox Match. The Match was brutal with funny spots of rejecting an Horses Morrisey figure in favor of an Bazza Windlow one, Lia retaliating with her own sort of offense whilst in clown make up, Abbie putting Lia through an barb wire table which would be the beginning of the end for Lia as Abbie would drag her to the toybox and throw Lia inside slamming the lid shut to win the match however she would unusually break kafabe after dedicating the match to Brooke Owens as the charity show was to raise money to help them following an RL accident.

Signatures and Finishers


  • Freak Spectacle (angels wings lifting sitout facebuster)
  • Iron Jaw (Osaka cutter)
  • Kip Hold (choke hold Takedown variation)
  • The Ringmasters Stomp (Curbstomp)


  • Ringmasters Fold (Widows Peak gory neckbreaker)
  • The Ringmasters Whip (Discus Clothesline ((used occasionally))
  • The Big Top (Brainbuster- tribute too Horses Morrisey)
  • Ligertamer (Liontamer submission rarely used)


Skillet: Circus For an Psycho- 3rd October to date ( entrance video link)