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Bazza Windlow is currently a wrestler at Slam City Pro Wrestling and former Digital Championship Wrestling Federation, United Honor Wrestling, Intense Wrestling superstar,

Born in a small town in ireland Bazza had grew up only knowing violence and the escapism bazza found was in the world of wrestling he wanted nothing more than to escape the division in his town and country at the tail end of the  troubles.

Bazza went off and trained with a school in dublin that manage to get him small indy bookings across the uk and allowed him to go to mexico and japan to learn more and hone his craft over the years before eventually being signed to the dcwf in 2011.

Digital Championship Wrestling Federation

Bazza Windlow was the very first graduate of the Digital Championship Wrestling Federation training program, "The Show". which at the time was as a new way of training within in the DCWF,

Going Pro at DCWF

upon graduating the show Bazza Windlow began building a name for himself known as the mindfreak bazza would use a combination of illusion and highflying to impress his audience and also painting his face to give his opponents a face to remember,

Bazza quickly got himself noticed within  a matter of months he had had had 5 star matches with Mythil Woysek and Jerico Scarbridge earning not only respect but building a comradery that to this day still remains intact,


While just passed his rookie year Bazza, Jerico and Mythil one day decided that they were better as a team than as enemys and with a share of pranks became the controversial DOA before they even made them selves announced had spray painted the ring mat the titintron and also put a giant banner over the then dcwf corporate tower making them selves talked about.

to further their announcements they had hacked fellow wrestlers entrance videos including their own with their own self edited versions ot the wrestlers theme songs causing frustration to the commissioner Numbers Rossini.

Going Solo

After a few months rise as a member of DOA the group disabanded when Mythil turned on the group causing a rift in the group, Bazza fought it out between jerico and mythil in various rivarlies for a few months ending when bazza would win the DCWF World title

Bazza had lost the DCWF world title and decided to leave the company to better hone his craft


While working at DCWF Bazza had taken bookings at United Honor Wrestling and formed a group called the chosen, fans where shocked to see a change in Bazzas usual demeanier rather than his joking self fans saw at DCWF with DOA they were given a more vindictive side to him quickly setting his sites on the world title.

Bazza would step up and brasingly try to insert himself into the world title picture bazza ended up getting a shot at the champion wolfy kessel to which bazza did not take his eye off the prize he captured the belt and to add insult to injury he hit his new move the irish pride on wolfy causing some issues to his back.

Bazza would go on to defend the title a few times until the churchboy vanquished bazza and bazza faded out of the fade to set his sites back at DCWF and the DOA Dispanded group.

Intense Wrestling 

After Leaving DCWF bazza showed up at Intense Wrestling where he engaged his former bestfriend and his new Stable Sports Entertainment Xtreme the 2 never got to blows much but bazza focused on the no limits title he engaged in a rivalry with the group and gained the title twice.

High Impact Wrestling

After Leaving IW Bazza and Jerico set their sights on becoming fed owners they went from the ring to the office when they created HIW which lasted a few months before financial constraints set in and the pair had to close the fed.

DCWF 2017 - 2020

Bazza returned to DCWF after the closure of High Impact to lead a invasion to the dcwf bringing his band of wrestlers from HIW how ever they were thwarted when bazza sustained an Injury that put him out of action for several months.

Bazza returned to the DCWF again in 2017 when he returned and joined the Duffield clan leading to Bazza winning his second world title but ultimately before a wargames match Bazza was hit by a second injury this time to his knee causing him to be out for much longer.

Bazza returned from Injury in may of 2019 and had begun a feud with michael tomas and other up and coming stars in the dcwf it wasnt until 2020 when after being dealt a loss int he kumate tourney at the hands of mythil woysek that we seen the more vicious side of bazza return.

bazza engaged in a 6 month rivarly with returning drewski hoxley bazza took exception to drew's return and went on to target drew anytime he could leading to a first blood number 1 contender match at wrestlefest 2020

Bazza beat drew but lost his chance for a 3rd world title run at the hands of mythil woysek

Bazza and drew kept being drawn to each other as each man could not the the beef settle it wasnt until summer madness until drew finally beat the irish man in a brutal falls count anywhere match.

after that bazza aligned with a debuting benja nirvana and the 2 decided to take a war to dcwfs roster and numbers rossini with this culminating in a match at wargames this would be the last match bazza had at dcwf as his contract officially expired a month previous but he stayed on to honor previous agreed bookings with the company.

Slam City Pro Wrestling

on the debut show Bazza Windlow debuted on the show going up against former HIW alumni Frankie Reyes the two exchanged in a good match but ultimately Frankie lost due to interference from Benja Nirvana who at the time had been working with bazza in dcwf and the two appeared to have created an alignment here in SCPW.

The next show Bazza and Benja had called out frankie again after he was heard to be talking about the events the week before in what the 2 descried as a working mans scaffold match. the challenge was met with Cutty and Monty Benja and Bazza quickly dispatched them by tossing them off the scaffold.

there was a match that would guarentee a main event match at SCPW's first ppv purgatory in some backstage attacks bazza and benja had taken out bazzas compotition in the match leaving him vs josh poffo who a week earlier almost injured bazzas knee during the match and ultimately giving bazza his first loss in the company. bazza this time how ever quickly dispatched of josh to gain his spot. frankie later that week after a brutal 4 cornors match had been given a tornado tag team match at purgatory in a heaven and hell match.

with the first PPV bazza and benja ultimately walked through carnage to come out on top after a brutal fight involving tacks and a ring breaking frankies own partner turned on him and aligned himself with bazza and benja the 3 men stomped frankie leaving them all to seek medical attention.


2x DCWF International Champion

2x DCWF World Heavyweight Champion

2x IW No Limits Champion

1x United Honor Wrestling World Champion



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