"This is the roster of DCWF Wrestlers and Staff, updated 02/26/2020.

Current Roster Edit

Men's Division Edit

Ring Name Nickname Notes
Mythil Woyseck The Celtic Dragon Current DCWF Men's Champion
Bazza Windlow The Last Irish Outlaw
Michael Tomas The Man Current SLCW Men's Champion
Nick 'Syn' Odium The Gorgeous Nightmare
Jay Alexander Frost The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Drewski Hoxley The Cowboy
Death Eater
Neon Shadow The Cyber Enigma
Ace Nightfire The Gambler
Sparkles Von Qinworth The Duke
Sergei Kuznetsov

Women's Division (Diamonds) Edit

Ring Name Nickname Notes
Katheryn Blackadder Hall Of Famer
Whiskers Savage DCWF President
Faylen Luwynn The Fallen Knight Current DCWF Womens Champion
Brooke Owens The Black Swan
Regan Blair
Jaxi Velineaux Let's Get Elevated
Gina Rose Queen
Lyria Gruber Current SLCW Womens Champion
Kimberly Smith
Joanne Steel

Managers/Valets and Other Non Wrestler Talent Edit

Ring Name Notes
Alicia Mercer Valet to Michael Thomas and The Duffield Clan

Tag Teams/Stables Edit

Name Members
The Duffield Clan Charlie Duffield (leader)

Michael Thomas

Sparkles Von Quinworth

Bazza Windlow

Referees Edit

Name Notes
Dick Witham
Vincent Rossini Senior Referee
Rail James
Honey Bluntz Occasional Appearances
Dude Imperfect
Jimmy Trotter
Briar Blackthorn
Em Warrior
Samantha Steel

Broadcast Team Edit

Name Notes
Numbers Rossini Head Commentator

Commissioner Occassional Wrestler

Killian Sandelwood Play by Play Commentator
Charlie Duffield Color Commentator

General Manager

Founder of The Duffield Clan

Inactive/Unassigned Talent Edit

Name Notes
Nina Prater Extended Break, Return Date Unknown
Nicki Roxz Hiatus from Wrestling
Black Crimson Status Unknown
Miss Misty Extended Break

Alumni Edit

Wrestlers Edit

Horses Morrisey
Paula "The Pitbull" Wilcox
"The Absolute Best" Jack Citron
JC Storm
"The Airshow" Jerico Scarbridge
Ery Laerwen
Sweet Jimmy Valentine
BigEvil Mandelkorn
"Mad" MikeFreeman Straaf
Celtdan McMahon
Kristoff Jameson
Wolf Windshadow
Kayla Stratten
Sini Nubalo
Mascara Magic
Candice Thespian
Eric "The Phoenix" Stuart
"The Nature Boy" Alpin Criss
Carmen Auer
Harley13 Tigerpaw
Dani Coeyman
Ari Lane
Waroop Bravin
"Indestructible" Razer Darkward
Damien Bloodthorn
"The Vampiric Behemoth" Tara Titan
William "The Mafioso" Naples
"The General" Pietro Shelford
RA Mystic
Ravishing Rock Reynolds
Wade "Mr.SFL" Bonds Angelo Timore
"The Honorable One" Nyza Stillwater
Marcus Raimond
Ryan Jordison
"The Model" Heidih Himmel
"The Gypsy Princess" Andrea Dalca
Taniya Shanks
Stan The French Machine
Ken Okami
Ashe Cuervo
"The Brick House" Antonia Foggarty
Giselle Stratten
"The Showgirl" Kendra Chemistry
"The Queen of the Damned" Scarlette Abeyante
Mobeacha "The Bitch" Lohner
"Lady" Tara Duffield / Tarley Quinn
Ms A Rae
"The Rowdy Brat" Yu'Ta
"Speedy" Lei Hamada
"The Bear" Voodoo Cooperstone
'The Omen' Damien Krux

Referees Edit

Commentary Edit

Xander Garcia

Geno B. Freak

Nyza Stillwater

Kallium Tyrce

Kairee Paramour

Past Tag Teams / Groups Edit

Byte Club (Misaki Yumako and Paula Wilcox

The Style Queens (Heidih Himmel & Tara Duffield)

Wings (Mythil Woyseck and Jerico Scarbridge)

D.O.A. (Mythil Woyseck, Bazza Windlow and Jerico Scarbridge)

The Wild West Outlaws (Drewski Hoxley & Voodoo Cooperstone)

The Pirates of the DCWF ('Captain' Johnny Giha and Waroop Bravin)

The Establishment (Big Evil and Celtdan McMahon)

MHP - Manhattan Project (Numbers Rossini, Mobeacha Lohner, BigEvil Mandelkorn, Ari Lane, Vince Easterwood, Pietro Shelford, Louve McMahon)

Model Behavior (Heidih Himmel & Nicki Roxz)

The Phenominals (Jamal Travis & JC Storm)

Surpremacy (at its peak - Jericho Scarbridge, Jeffery Fireguard, Sparkles von Quinworth, Ravishinig Rock Reynolds, and Ms. A Rae)

The Playboys (Ace Nightfire & Sweet Jimmy Valentine)

William "The Mafioso" Naples And "The Showgirl" Kendra Chemistry

HIW (Ashe Cuervo, Honey Bluntz, Giselle Stratten, Ery Lawren, Bazza Windlow, Antonia Foggarty, Voodoo Cooperstone and Sparkles Von Quinworth)|}|}|}|}|}|}|}

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