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Joanne Steel (Born: Joanne Fiona Steel on August 20th 1988), is a 33 year old American professional wrestler from Middle Village, Queens, New York (billed from Forest Hills, Queens, New York). Shecurrently recides in the United Kingdom, in Great Whopping, Berks. She was trained by Victory Muller and Pasta Lopez while at RWA (Rogue Wrestling Alliance), and Kristen Snowgirl in DCWF (Digital Championship Wrestling Federation). She was also mentored by Kimberly Smith who credits with helping in her training. Joanne currently works for FPW (Fusion Pro Wrestling), and as a referee for IPW (Infernum Pro Wrestling)

Joanne started off her career as a trainee with VAW/RWA, before being employed with DCWF, Premier Wrestling, BCW and her current employers FPW and IPW. In addition to her career she has wrestled at charity events and a one-off guest match at WPWF (Women's Professional Wrestling Federation). Starting as a trainee in May 2019, Joanne make her in-ring debut on 24th August 2019


Joanne Steel was born on the 24th August 1988 and in the Middle Village district of Queen, New York, and was bought up near Juniper Valley Park before her family would move to Forest Hills, Queens, where Joanne still has an apartment. Joanne was not a big wrestling fan growing up and although aware of it had shown little inclination to become involved in it. It wasn't until she attended a roadshow event held by a independent promotion in Liberty Bay, Oregon that Joanne saw her first professional wrestling event. She first became interested in actually becoming a wrestler after a online war of words on Twitter with the then VAW Women's Champion culminating in her and her entourage visiting California where Joanne was living at the time to further inflame the situation between them. Another exchange of words ensued and this ended with the threat of violence and saw Joanne (who had a permit to carry a firearm) pull out her handgun in self defence hastening the decision by her unwanted guests to flee the area. After this things seemed to quieten for a time until the war of worlds on Twitter started up not too long after. Knowing the only way to shut her up was going to be to beat her at her own game Joanne resolved that she would try to pursue a career in wrestling for the chance to finally face her one on one.


Joanne contacted Virtual Attitude Wrestling (VAW) secretly to sign up to their training school, with a view she hoped of being able to be good enough to eventually make it into a professional wrestling ring and one day shut up her mouthy adversary. Joanne was trained by Victory Muller and Pasta Lopez. At this time VAW Owner Henry Parker was looking to create a new path for the company and VAW transitioned, breaking away from the history of the company to forge their legacy when owners Henry Parker & Pinky Devon folded VAW and started a new phoenix promotion, Rogue Wrestling Alliance (RAW) was born, retaining the then current in-ring talent and backstage staff.


Joanne would continue her training with Rogue though she was not prepared for just how much work it would be and how much time and effort she would need to give to get herself in shape for the rigors of performing. Behind the scenes over the weeks the relationship between RWA management and their now former champion had increasingly soured and it all came to a head as she chose to leave the company and was fired. Joanne was livid still seeking revenge and made the decision to also leave RWA to go to Digital Championship Wrestling Federation (DCWF) where she hoped to be able to continue her training with the aim to eventually get that all elusive match against against her rival. Later on Joanne would admit regretting the way she left and that she wished she had of stayed.


Joanne joined the DCWF Training School, having had some training from her previous employers she knew the basics so over the next month would receive some training to improve what on what she had already learned before making her eventual in-ring debut. Far from being a natural she struggled at first eventually making progress seeking advice from experienced pro's. After six weeks of some training and a couple of behind closed doors practice matches it was decided to put what she had learned to the test and on the advice of her trainers the DCWF Booking Committee told her to prepare for to make her debut on the upcoming week's edition of their flagship "Showdown" weekly program. She would be employed with the company for 16 months up to early October 2020.

Wargames 2019 FPV

After completing training including taking part in some exhibition matches Joanne Steel would debut on the August 24th Edition of Showdown losing to DCWF Women's Champion Ery, this losing streak would continue all the way through to Warzone on 22nd September when Joanne took to Twitter furious at the official after losing to the SCLW Champion Horses Morrisey in a non-title match.

This would get a response from Kimberly Smith and started a online war of words between the two. Things would come to a head on the 29th September edition of Showdown when after Smith's match with Gina Rose, Steel would jump the ringside barrier and viciously attack her with a steel chair after she had already been already been viciously assaulted post match by Rose. The following week Steel would explain why she did it, and issuing a warning that she should stay out of Steel's business. In the lead up to the Wargames event Steel would lose back to back matches after facing DCWF Women's Champion Faylen Luwynn, and the following week Lyria Gruber.

At DCWF War Games 2019 Joanne Steel would take on Smith in a hard fought back and forth match that Steel would win, making her opponent pass out in the Flying Dragon Submission taking her down to the canvas in a vicious arm bar which she did not immediately break prior to the referee's calling the match in her favor.

Kumate FPV

In her next two matches steel would lose on the 16th November edition of Warzone and then again the following week on the 22nd November Showdown.  Things would briefly turn around on the first in a series as Steel defeated Smith the in the inaugural Full Tilt on 8th December. On 15th December Edition of Full Tilt, the final show for Steel before the break for the Holidays though there was little season spirit on display as Steel took on Gina Rose and Smith in a triple threat match which would see Steel get pinned after a violent encounter between the three competitors. Prior to the New Year DCWF announced the Kumate FPV, a new concept for the promotion where they would compete on a raised platform without any corners or ring ropes, with the objective being to either make your opponent submit by saying Maté or throwing them from the platform to the floor (approx. 2 foot) below. Joanne Steel would face Bellona in a match at the inaugural DCWF Kumate FPV. The only way to win the match being to throw your opponent off the platform or to make them submit and/or to say 'Matee'. In a gruelling match a dominant Bellona would gain the win by throwing Steel from the platform as she released her from a submission move.

WrestleFest XII FPV

After losing to Bellona at Kumate Steel hoped to bounce back the following week at the January 12th edition of Full Tilt in a match where if she won she would earn a spot in the forthcoming gauntlet match at the annual DCWF Wrestlefest event scheduled for March 1st 2020 with the added bonus that a contract would be on offer for the winner guaranteeing a title shot (at either the SLCW or DCWF Women's Title) over the next year. Steel would come up short in a defeat to Lyria Gruber and then again fail at another shot at a place in the gauntlet match on the 19th January's Full Tilt. Afterwards Steel would now characteristically, go on Twitter blaming successive referring issues for her loses despite losing cleanly via pin-fall and submission in the matches.

Joanne Steel would come out and cut a promo prior to her match on the January 26th edition of Full Tilt, a stipulation was added giving her the opportunity if she won to qualify for the Wrestlefest 12 women's gauntlet match. There had been ill feeling between Bellona and Steel in the build up to the match stemming from their match at the Kumate FPV three weeks earlier, Steel's promo only adding fuel to the already raging rivalry between them. The match ended after the referee was knocked down and Joanne was knocked out after being dropped face first onto the exposed turnbuckle Bellona shocking the DCWF as she lay down and covered herself with Steel's arm, her motives explained after the match as she wanted Joanne to be in the gauntlet match just to hurt her even more. Steel would then lose on the February 2nd edition of Full Tilt to Brooke Owens, with a stipulation added to this match that if Owens won then she would get to pick the stipulation for her upcoming match challenging current DCWF Women's Champion Faylen Luwynn at Wrestlefest 12, but if Steel won then there would be a stipulation of Luwynn's choosing added to the match. Steel would lose on both the February 9th's and 16th editions of Full Tilt  On the February 16th edition of Full Tilt Joanne Steel would come out during Bellona's entrance prior to her match with Rose, attacking Bellona with a lead pipe to her lower back. On Twitter Steel would gloat about what she did and threaten not to wait till Wrestlefest 12 to settle the ever increasingly violent war with Bellona.

At Wrestlefest 12 Joanne Steel competed in the five woman Gauntlet Match where the winner was guaranteed a contract that will give them a title opportunity at the Women's SLCW or DCWF Women's title over the next calendar year. Steel entered at number one with Bellona entering as number two. Steel would beat Bellona with a Sleeper hold after the Package Pile Driver and Death Valley Driver in a clear attempt to injure Bellona the same way she tried to injure Steel only to lose to the third entrant thus being eliminated from the match.

Hogg Wylde FPV

At the March 15th Edition of Full Tilt Steel unexpectedly came out and cut a promo once again aiming her ire at Bellona and threatening that the issues between them were far from over. The following week on Full Tilt (22nd March) Steel teamed with SLCW Champion Lyria Gruber in a tag-team match, with the following week seeing her would cut yet another promo on Bellona challenging her to a match the next week which the Modern Gladiator was happy to accept and on the 5th April Edition of Full Tilt Bellona would defeat Steel again sending a distinct message to her by giving a second finisher after the bell had been rung to end the match.  Steel would make her last appearance before Hogg Wylde in another loss after the outside distraction from Bellona.  

At DCWF's annual 'Hogg Wylde' event this year hosted by The Legend Motorcycle Club and in support of the Relay For Life charity, Steel would finally get her revenge defeating Bellona in a Hardcore Match after delivering a package pile driver through a barb wire covered table to win a hard fought match to a partisan crowd of bikers, possibly the only time in her career thus far she'd ever had the fans cheering her.

Luck Of The Draw FPV

At Full Tilt on 17th May she was set to take on Jolene McKenzie, coming out to the ring first she seemed angrier than normal, strode over to the corner where McKenzie was and laid her out with a couple of kendo stick strikes before complaining about the match and exiting the room, the match being counted as a no contest as McKenzie was in no condition to wrestle and Steel had vacated the ring and gone backstage. She would come out on the following week's edition of Full Tilt and deliver a scathing promo to her previous opponents, Jolene and the fans saying she wrestled when she wants and with whom she wants to much confusion to the fans. On the 31st May's Full Tilt Steel was once again booked in a match this time against Regan Blair, though her opponent had not been announced as Steel made her way to the ring she threw a strop when she saw who her opponent was complaining loudly and at length at the ref. As the match started she made her excuses and exited the ring much to the bemusement of the referee and the annoyance of Blair who tried to goad Steel into the ring. The match had already started and Steel was counted out and Regan Blair was declared the winner by the referee.  

On the 21st June 'go home' edition of Full Tilt, the final one before the "Luck Of The Draw" FPV, Joanne Steel was forced by Ery Laerwen to once again take on Regan Blair but as she was unable to attend the show Laerwen hired Jaxi Velineux to act as the ringside Enforcer/Lumberjack. At the conclusion of the match which Blair won by using her patented 'Carrion Clutch' to send Steel to sleep, Velineux announced that Steel was to show up for a match the following Sunday at the "Luck Of The Draw" FPV in a unspecified match with Ery Laerwen the stipulation for which would be announced sometime before the match.  

At "Luck Of The Draw" Ery and Steel competed in brutal "Last Woman Standing" match which Ery won after beating Steel with a large poker chip that had been part of the stage, after Steel had tried to leave up the ramp this time only to be stopped by Emma Grey.

Summer Madness

The following week on 12th July's Full Tilt Steel was involved in a triple threat match with Grey and Blair with all three women targeting each other and no signs of co-operation the match was won by by Emma Grey after she took out both opponents and pinned Steel. Steel would get her revenge however the following week on 19th July's Full Tilt. after Grey came out to cut a promo addressing recent events. She was challenged to a match by Blair and it would be Steel's distraction that handed Regan Blair the victory over Grey. The next week on the 26th July Full Tilt Steel took on Grey in a one-on-one encounter which Grey won after interference from Blair.  

The ill feeling between the three women continued the next week as this time it was Joanne Steel who was cutting a promo that was interrupted by Regan Blair who again issued the challenge for a match which Joanne Steel accepted, managing to come out with her first win over Regan in what had been a hard fought match. At the end of the match it was Grey's turn to issue a challenge as she issued them both the challenge of Blair and Steel teaming up together to take on Grey and her mystery tag-team partner. So on 9th August at Full Tilt the unlikely team waited as Grey came out along with her tag-team partner for the night Kandy Perez.  

Blair and Steel would lose after the latter was pinned by Perez. The following week Grey came to ringside and called out both women, challenging them to a triple threat match at the upcoming 'Summer Madness' FPV in a weapons match. Both women accepted and it ended in a mass brawl between all three women with Grey eventually leaving the ring pursued by a angry Blair who Regan seeing Steel getting to her feet slid back into the ring to hit her with her shovel before exiting herself. Things would only escalate further the next week.  

Before the 'Go Home' show the last Full Tilt before Summer Madness there was a brawl before the show involving Joanne Steel, and her two opponent before losing a match later on in the night due to Regan Blair.

At the 2020 Summer Madness FPV Joanne Steel would win her match against Blair and Grey after taking early punishment she left the ring, wisely letting the other two women beat each other before sliding in the ring, eliminating Grey before Steel pinned Blair for the win, her last in the DCWF.

Steel made sporadic appearances after the FPV and failed to win any of her remaining matches with the company. On 13th October 2020 Joanne Steel announced that she had left DCWF, after a disagreement with a booker who had gone on an expletive laden rant against her in a private meeting. Joanne chose to leave the company to seek out other opportunities and after after taking a few weeks to weigh up her options would officially sign a contract to join Premier Wrestling


Joanne Steel signed a contract to join Premier Wrestling on 15th October 2020. She was quoted as saying that with two episodes left of Season 7, she would be using her time till the start of Season 8 to prepare for the new challenge ahead of her as she tries to make a name for herself with her new employer.

In the last weeks of October and early weeks of November 2020 Steel did as stated and used the down time between seasons to get back in ring shape after a period of time away from the ring and now well over a month since her last documented match and nearly another month since the match before. She has been a regular user of Twitter and has used the platform to update fans and implied interest in the Premier Wrestling Women's Title which is held by Rebel Sweetheart Isa, as well as a war of words with Premier Wrestling commentator "Pretty Boy" Paul Slater.

Joanne Steel made her in-ring debut for Premier Wrestling on Sunday 22nd November 2020 at an 'Unplugged' House Show, from Pink Moon Garden. In the opening match of the night Joanne would lose to Mizu Sayuri in a Steel Cage match when Mizu Sayuri escaped the cage to win the match. On Twitter Joanne would demand a rematch for the following weeks 'Unplugged' at Eternal Knights. Mizu accepted the rematch and on Saturday 28th November Joanne would defeat Mizu via pin-fall after the 'Steel Trap'.

On December 3rd 2020 in the first episode of Season 8 Joanne Steel competed in a losing effort as part of the Main Event match against current Premier Women's Heavyweight Champion Rebel Sweetheart. On Saturday 5th December at Premier's 'Unplugged' House Show Joanne faced Izzy Baum in a hard fought match, applying the Kirifuda Driver to gain the victory by submission. On Episode 2 of Season 8 Joanne Steel defeated Jasmine Tryce. She then faced Honey Potts in a match she'd lose at the "Unplugged" House Show on December 12th . 18th December at "Unplugged" in a return match from a previous show and after some back and forth on Twitter Joanne would lose to Izzy Baum, the following week she was interviewed in a backstage segment during Episode 3 where she issued a challenge to both Jasmine Thryce and Rebel Sweetheart (who had just been defeated by her) for a triple threat match the following episode.

It was announced that the match on Episode 4 (30th December) would be a two on one handicap match, Joanne Steel and Jasmine Thyce vs Rebel Sweetheart. All three women were in the ring and the match was just about to start when Izzy Baum came out, saying she had spoken to the boking committee, accepted Rebel's apology and would now team with her against Joanne and Jasmine, in a tag-team match that they would win when Rebel Sweetheart pinned Jasmine Thyce.

On 14th January on Episode 6 of Season 8, Joanne Steel defeated Honey Potts in a very competitive back and forth match, Joanne eventually managing to finally defeat Honey, after numerous attempts by both women to gain the victory. On 16th January at the "Unplugged" House Show Joanne Steel faced Mizu Sayuri in a much anticipated match given the continuing war of words between Joanne and Mizu's translator Paul Slater, going back to her debut in November. The match was part of the tournament for the new Unplugged Extreme Women's title.

Joanne would go to the ring with Siegfried Montgomery Falkenrath (SMF) in her corner, anticipating that Mizu would bring Paul Slater to the ring in her corner. this plan however backfired as Paul Slater took to the stage and said he had asked for a special guest referee, none other than "The Knave" Declan Navarro, someone Joanne has a war of words with on Twitter, and who was involved in a heated rivalry with SMF, after 'The Knave' had hit him with a beer bottle during a SMF match he had interfered in a few of weeks earlier.

The match went back and forth, with 'The Knave' counting slow for Joanne when she attempted a pin but ten counting faster when it was for Mizu. This happened throughout the match much to Joanne's and SMF's annoyance till finally the two women ended up outside where Joanne and Mizu fought up the ramp. Joanne would put Mizu in the Kirifuda Driver making her pass out but the referee ('The Knave') fast counted to count both women out while in the ring SMF hung Paul Slater in the Tree Of Woe in the corner, removing his pants and exposing Slater's pink panties.

General Manager Dante would come out, unimpressed with the outcome of the match and declare that as Vi Winchester needed an opponent in the final, both women would qualify for the match the following Tuesday and the match would now become a triple threat hardcore match for the Unplugged Extreme Women's Title.

Unplugged Extreme Women's Champion

On the 19th January Joanne Steel, Mizu Sayuri and Izzy Baum competed in a triple threat no disqualification hardcore match to decide the first Unplugged Extreme Women's Champion. The match was originally set to include Vi Winchester but she was viciously attacked by Izzy Baum at the top of the ramp as Mizu and Joanne were stood in the ring, and she called out GM Dante, demanding she be allowed to replace Vi (who received medical treatment for the vicious beating with a sledgehammer and was taken on a gurney to the back to receive further medical treatment), a request Dante agreed to.

The match was a hard fought match with Mizu and Izzy teaming up on their mutual enemy Joanne however the alliance broke down as Mizu tried to claim the title by pinning Joanne. The match would end with Joanne setting up a table outside, putting Izzy on the table and her hitting a Shooting Star Press from the top turnbuckle sending herself and Izzy through the table, before sending her back into the ring for her Coney Island wonder Wheel and the three count for Joanne to become the first ever Unplugged Extreme Women's Champion.

On Friday 22nd January Joanne faced Izzy Baum in the final of the tournament to decide the number one contender for the Premier Wrestling Women's World Title, currently held by Rebel Sweetheart, Izzy would win the match via submission and post match confronted Rebel, who was in the audience ahead of their match in the Season 8 finale (Episode 8). Joanne then competed the next day (Saturday 23rd January) in a tag team march at the Unplugged House show where she teamed up with Honey Potts in a match against Abby Henderson and Izzy Baum which they would lose when Abby Henderson pinned Honey Potts.

After the end of the season Joanne's next match would be on the 7th February Edition of "Unplugged" from Port Chacona where she would face off against Abby Henderson, at the start of the show it was announced by GM Dante that he wanted fighting champions and if Joanne lost to Abby she would have to defend her Unplugged Extreme Women's Title on the next show. Izzy Baum was the match official as Joanne Steel lost to Abby Henderson. Abby clotheslined Joanne out of the ring and while the ref checked on a Joanne who was busted open after hitting the announcers table, Abby removed the turnbuckle pad, keeping the referee distracted long enough for Abby to hit Joanne with a empty bedpan, Joanne would subsequently be counted out handing Abby the win however Dante came out unimpressed and said Joanne lost and would have to defend the title, however as Abby cheated she would not get the title shot and Joanne would defend the title instead against Izzy.

On Wednesday 10th February at Pink Moon at the next edition of Unplugged Joanne was scheduled to defend the title against Izzy Baum. However before the match and while Joanne was in the ring, Abby came out announcing that Izzy would not make the match and she was responsible, also stating that it would be her replacing Izzy. Commentary quickly received word from the back from GM Dante that Abby would not be getting the title shot and a back-up plan was in place and that a new opponent had be chosen and that opponent was to the crowds surprise and delight, "The Huntress" Nakita. Joanne struggled against the taller and more powerful opponent and seemed to have an opportunity to win the match when Abby ran out sliding into the ring to attack Joanne and costing Nakita the match as she was disqualified for the interference. Frustrated by her interference Nakita followed Abby out of the ring and gave her the "Jungle Driver" in retribution for Abby costing her the match. At Mr. Reds on the next edition of Unplugged on 13th February, Joanne would manage to pull off a victory against Nakita to retain her title after hitting her with numerous moves, and finally ended up using a steel chair to get the unlikely pin fall win. With Joanne Steel's contract ending on on 1st March she had been weighing up her options an announced on 2nd March she had left PW. The following day it was announced that she had joined Fusion Pro Wrestling.


On 18th March 2019 Joanne Steel made her debut for Fusion Pro Wrestling via an in-ring promo. On 25th March 2021 Joanne had her first match for FPW, defeating "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood with the "Coney Island Wonder Wheel" after a hard fought match which Abbie had dominated. The following week on 1st April Joanne would lose a match to "The Dark Siren" Samantha Foxy in a hard hitting match, which saw Samantha use the Exalted Lariat on Joanne for the pin-fall to win the match. Joanne would wrestle on 15th April 2021, taking on Natalie Sonnen in a match that saw Natalie kick out of the 'Coney Island Wonder Wheel' much to Joanne's shock, though she would make Natalie Sonnen pass out in the Kirifuda Driver to gain the victory, surprising, quickly exiting the ring and not stopping as she usually would to check on her opponent. On 29th April Joanne Steel faced an aggressive Abbie Tood in the opening match of Episode 7, winning the match with a surprise roll-up pin to take the win after taking a beating from Abbie. Joanne was celebrating when Abbie attacked her after the match beating her down and delivering her "Ringmaster's Fold", leaving her laying in the ring.

Two weeks later Joanne would team up with French wrestler Jessie Mateo to take on the team of Alison Daines and Samantha Foxy representing Transcendence, and they were accompanied to the ring by Queen Krystal. The match had started to turn in the favour of Jessie and Joanne when Abbie Tood's music started to play. Joanne distracted left the ring apron and approached the ramp angrily calling out Abbie while transcendence with a distracted opponent and referee used the numbers advantage to finish off Jessie, Samantha pinning her for the three count much to Joanne's bemusement as she apologized to her tag-team partner for costing her team any chance of winning the match. The following week the roles would be reversed as during their match Joanne's entrance music would start playing distracting Abbie and giving her opponent Jessie Matteo the opportunity to take advantage to get the win. On Episode 11 Joanne would come out to speak but just as she was about to Abbie's music started and Joanne rushed out to attack her, after a brief brawl Abbie cheated to get the advantage and put Joanne in a single leg submission to damage the leg. Eventually breaking it Joanne would manage to just about make it to the back under her own steam, later tweeting she had been checked over and should be ok for the "Chase The Sun" FPV.

Chase The Sun:

On Thursday 3rd June 2021 Joanne Steel met Abbie Tood at FPW's "Chase The Sun" PPV in a No DQ Submission Match. Coming out second Joanne flew over the top rope and onto Abbie after indicating to the ref to start the match. From then things went downhill rapidly a brawl ensued which saw Abbie fire Joanne into the ring apron, and Joanne go to the top turnbuckle dropping down to ringside to deliver a Axe Handle which would further aggravate her already injured knee. After Joanne threw Abbie back in the ring Abbie took the initiative, targeting Joanne's knee, battling in the ring Joanne would escape outside to the ring, being chased in to give her opportunity to go for a quick but fruitless submission. Abbie got the advantage and removed the turnbuckle cover sending Joanne in back first then smashing her head into the corner post to bust her wide open. After this it became a match of attrition as Abbie continued to work on Joanne's injured leg and her neck. Every time Joanne attempted a comeback Abbie thwarted it and it was only near the end of the match Joanne got the upper hand back body dropping Abbie onto the ramp she followed her out and applied the Kirifuda Driver but couldn't get the win outside the ring, the tiredness and blood loss took it's toll as Joanne threw Abbie back into the ring and followed her in and Abbie finished her off with the Liger Tamer, Joanne eventually passing out in the submission hold.

The following week Joanne would jump the barrier during Abbie Tood's promo and attack her with the crutch she had been using to walk with due to he match at Chase The Sun. The following week on 17th June edition of FPW, there was a scheduled tag-team match with Joanne Steel teaming up with Emma Higgins against Abbie Tood and Jessie Matteo. Before the match Joanne issued the challenge for a rematch at "Rock The Dragon" the upcoming big show on 8th July. As Abbie came to the ring Joanne would slide out to meet Abbie and they brawled to the back, eventually the fight would be broke up while their bemused tag-team partners danced in the ring to entertain the fans. On the 24th June 2021 Joanne pulled off a shock victory by defeating Karma Starr with the Figure 8 Leg log, during the show before her match against Jessie Matteo, Abbie Tood would accept Joanne's Steel's challenge for a match at "Rock The Dragon" on July 8th, but said the she would announce the stipulations the following week. The following week Abbie Tood said that the match would be a Deathmatch, and Joanne Tweeted a reply on Twitter, including Abbie and Fusion Pro Wrestling with two words "I Accept" along with the video for the song by The Kinks "Death Of A Clown".

Rock The Dragon:

At the "Rock The Dragon" event on 8th July, Joanne Steel and Abbie Tood competed in a Deathmatch. The match started off fast with them exchanging chops, punches, eye rakes and low blows before super kicking each other and sliding out to set up tables. Abbie would soon get the upper hand and a failed attempt by Joanne on the top turnbuckle would see her super-plexed through the double tables set outside. Ultimately Joanne would win the match after a piledriver, Joanne would exit the ring throwing weapons in the ring and then give Abbie the Tiger Driver '91 through the light tubes to get the three count. After a few weeks of to allow time of to recover after the match at "Rock The Dragon" on Episode #19 of FPW, Joanne would face Marionetta The Grand Trickster in a first round match to determine the new FPW Women's Heavyweight Champion. Joanne would lose the match via pinfall eliminating Joanne from the tournament.

Royal Clash:

At the "Royal Clash" event on 21st August Joanne Steel would compete in the over the top rope Battle Royal to decide the first FPW Women's European Champion, during the match she would fight mostly with The Banshee and eventual winner Natalie Sonnen, making it to the last three before finally being eliminated from the match much to her disappointment. On the 26th August Episode of FPW Joanne was set to team with newcomer Stacy Driller to take on the take team of Becky and Alison Daines who waited in the ring for their opponents only for it to be announced they had not arrived at the area, during the week she would announce that Stacy had attacked her at the airport, via Twitter, and called her out for the following weeks episode of FPW. Stacy accepted and on the 2nd September episode Joanne was coming to the ring when she was attacked from behind and beaten down before the match, Joanne indicated for the match to continue and the match started off with Stacy getting the upper hand for most of the match until Joanne managed to turn things around, it would however not work out and Stacy would roll Joanne up, using the ropes for leverage, unseen by the referee, to get the three count. The week after on the 9th September Stacy would go to the ring to explain her actions only for Joanne to come to the ring to confront her, but before she could attack Stacy she left the ring, saying she was done with Joanne as she'd already beaten her. The following week Stacy would face Sue Plex in a enthralling match however when Joanne's music started to play and she appeared at the entrance Stacy was distracted allowing Sue to pick up the victory. Stacy once again refused to face Joanne when challenged to a match at the upcoming "Night At The Movies" show and She exited the ring before Joanne was able to get any measure of revenge.

A Night At The Movies:

At A Night At The Movies on 23rd September Joanne would once again take on Stacy Driller. The match started slow with Stacy trying to avoid Joanne, but after they locked up she would soon take over before exiting the ring once more once Joanne regained controlling, Joanne followed her out and when they got back in the ring Stacy taking the advantage to work on Joanne's neck and head, the match would be fairly even until near the end, Joanne had regained control and after a near fall and using moves to put Stacy down she moved to the ropes, looking conflicted about doing further damage, she ran in but Stacy rolled her up and used the ropes as leverage, which was seen by the ref who stopped the count. Joanne would try to clothesline Stacy but hit the referee by mistake, sending her to the canvas, Stacy would use the moment to low blow Joanne and grab her in the Kirifuda Driver dragging her to the centre of the ring. As the ref came too Joanne was already fading and she passed out giving Stacy another win over her. After the match Joanne would remove her knee and elbow pads and throw them into the audience looking like she may be calling it quits after what had been a near three month run without a victory. The following week Loly Wahan Nihasa Dark would cut a promo mentioning Joanne's name in among a group of people she would like to face, Joanne would come out only for Loly to insult Joanne and refuse a match. The next week Joanne came out and cut a promo this time challenging Loly, and attempting to bait her into accepting her challenge however Loly would come out and once again refuse to face Joanne. Over Twitter the two would continue the war of words with Loly challenging Joanne to take a match next week against a random opponent to prove herself, a challenge which Joanne accepted and was quickly booked by Fusion GM Krystalia to face Stacy Driller on the following week FPV TV. Krystalia would also booked a match for the forthcoming "Cataclysm" FPV between Loly and Joanne. On the 14th October edition of FPW, Joanne took on Stacy Driller in a close match that she would win after hitting the Yellow Cab Driver. After the match while Joanne celebrated she was attacked by Stacy however she was interrupted as Loly ran down to the ring to make the save, and Sue Plex, who had come out to commentery for the match and ahead of her own match against Stacy, chased her to the back, while in the ring Joanne and Loly exchanged words.


At the Cataclysm event on 21st October Joanne would finally get to face Loly in an one-on-one match. It was a back and forth match with Joanne trying to keep Loly grounded which she managed early on in the match though as the match continued Loly started to take control of the match and in the end it would be Loly that would come out the winner, with a Backside pin after a picture perfect 630 Senton from the Loly, after the match the two competitors shook hands. On October 30th Joanne tweeted that she had arrived in Osaka, in the Kansai Region of Japan for a training camp missing the next few weeks of Fusion. On 4th November 2021 during an in-ring promo at Episode 2 of FPW's "Allegiance" show involving Karma Starr, former champion Natalie Sonnen and current FPW Women's European Champion The Banshee it was announced that Joanne would be included as part of a triple threat match at "For The Forces" on Thursday 1th November, at The Banshee's insistence against Natalie Sonnen and Karma Starr to decide the number one contender for her title.

For The Forces:

At the For The Forces event Joanne would conpete in a triple threat match agains Karma Starra and former champion Natalie Sonnen to decide the number one contender for champion Banshee's FPW Women's European Title. The match was a fairly close match for the most part with two pairing off to fight each other while the third watched on though towards the middle of the match the continued rivalry between Karma and Natalie came to a head and their long running feud continued once Joanne had been dispatched t the outside to recover. It was during this time that Anarchy Warblood came out, attacking Joanne before sliding into the ring and attacking both Natalie and Karma, forcing the match to end in a no contest as Anarchy had laid waist to all three competitors, and to add insult to injury, when she exited the ring Anarchy would attacked Joanne again, leaving her laying at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Twas The Night Before Fusion:

At Twas The Night Before Fusion event Joanne participated in a five way scramble match for the FPW Womens European Title, starting the match with former champion Natalie Sonnen, Karma Starr, Anarchy Warblood and finally the current champion The Banshee, would enter the contest. Joanne would manage to to get a pin to become the temporary champion but at the same time Natalie Sonnen made a submission so both were duel champions until Natalie pinned Joanne. Ultimately Joanne would fall short of gaining the title fully, Diving over the ropes to deliver a Buckshot Lariat to Natalie and Anarchy, she would throw Natalie back in the ring only to be hit by Anarchy receiving her {{finisher name}} on the ring apron to put her out for the rest of the match which was won by Banshee to retain her title.

Concorde Cup 2021

On February 28th 2021 the Fusion Pro Wrestling General Manager Stuart Warf arrived at WPWF's Riot 2021 Pay Per View to announce a inter-promotional tournament known as the Concorde Cup which would feature female wrestlers from both WPWF and FPW in a tournament style knock out competition with the winner of each side's tournament meeting in the final.

On 24th June 2021 the first show was posted up onto You Tube featuring two matches one of which featured Joanne Steel defeated Jessie Matteo with the Kirifuda Driver. On 4th October in the first of the second round matches Joanne Steel would defeat Becky, and this would see Joanne advance to the final of the FPW side of the tournament, and the semi-final of the overall tournament.

Other Promotions

Australian Fire Relief Charity Event

On Saturday 7th March 2020 Joanne Steel competed in a No Disqualification match (which she would lose) at the Fire Fight Charity Event against Kimberly Smith in aid of the Australian Fire Relief which was organized by Brooke Owens and hosted over two nights by WPWF (Women's Pro Wrestling Federation).

Australian Fire Relief Charity Event 2

It was announced towards the end of 2020 that a second Firefight event, this time organized by Josh Poffo, would take place on 25th January 2021. Joanne Steel took part in a triple threat match against Samantha Foxy and Lia Duffield. The match would conclude with Lia Duffield pinning Samantha Foxy in what was Joanne's 50th professional wrestling match.

Bayou Benefit Brawl

On the 29th May 2021 Joanne Steel would compete in the "Bayou Benefit Brawl" hosted by the Restless Rebels Biker Bayou in benefit of Tremor and in aid of his widow Jayde. In her match Joanne would take on and lose to WPWF's Solidad in a evenly balanced match, Solidad winning by pin after the SoliCIDE (Pisicodelia) finisher.


Joanne would sign with Battle Championship Wrestling on the 26th August 2021, and made her debut on the 28th August 2021 episode of 'Retaliation'. She would make her debut when she faced Sarah Jane Crowley (SJC) in a competitive match that saw SJC gain the upper hand for the latter part of the match however she was had Joanne almost beat and had her pinned for the three count, Brie with the outside interference would cost her the match. While trying to attack SJC, Brie accidentally hit Joanne and the referee would disqualify SJC because of this outside interference. On the Tuesday 7th September 2021 episode of 'Battlezone', Joanne would lose to Lia Duffield in a hard hitting match. The following week at "Battlezone" Joanne would face Brie in a non-title match and would to everyone's surprise come out of the match with the upset victory. on 21st September Joanne competed in a triple threat match against Lia Duffield and Sara Clayton, Lia rolled up Sarah early on to eliminate her and it was came down to her and Joanne for the rest of the match. Lia hit hard and fast and would dominate most of the match, Joanne would manage to turn things around and had to throw everything she had at Lia in an attempt to get the victory, eventually managing to win after the Yellow Cab Driver lead to the pin-fall victory. On 5th October Joanne would face a mystery opponent who turned out to be old rival Kimberly Smith making her BCW debut in a on-off appearance for the company. In a closely contested wrestling match Kim would defeat Joanne after an outside distraction by Brie cost Joanne the match. The following week Joanne lost the match for the title to the champion.

CJ Tyran Tribute Show

(OOC: In the fall of 2021 the SL Wrestling community lost a much loved member with the passing of CJ Tyran. Over the weekend of Saturday 2nd October and Sunday 3rd October a tribute show was held where wrestlers from across the many different promotions of SL Wrestling came together to pay a tribute to her.) Joanne Steel wrestled June Gloom in a match as part of the CJ Tyran Tribute Show.

Victorious II

On the 28th August 2021 Joanne Steel would compete in "Victorious II" which was organized by Brooke Owens and hosted by Fusion Pro Wrestling (FPW) at their arena with the proceedings from the event going to The National Suicide Prevention Hotline. At this event Joanne would compete against long time rival Kimberly Smith in a Ten Minute Time Limit Draw. At the end of the match, as at the start, they shook hands and left the ring together to pose for the fans at the top of the ramp..


On the 20th June 2020 Joanne Steel would compete in WPWF "Rebellion 2020" FPV in a special DCWF Exhibition Match against Kimberly Smith which Joanne would win.

Professional Wrestling Style & Persona

During her early days as a wrestler Joanne was a brawler and more hardcore wrestler but as she has developed she began to take on more grappling and submission holds which she started to utilize increasingly during her matches though there was still a strong hardcore element if required. As a face and despite being the Xtreme Champion she would refuse to use hardcore elements, or to use them a sparingly as possible, instead preferring to win cleanly rather than use weapons to gain the victory.

Move List:


  • Kirifuda Driver
  • New York Slice (Awful Waffle)
  • Steel Trap (You Can't Escape)
  • Yellow Cab Driver (Tiger Driver '91)

Signature & Other Moves

  • Back Suplex
  • Bicycle Kick
  • Big Apple Cutter (Yokosuka Cutter)
  • Coney Island Wonder Wheel (Last Of The Dragon)
  • Corner Running High Knee
  • Flurry Of Offence
  • Fujiwara Armbar
  • Jumping Knee
  • Metro Cab Driver (Tiger Driver)
  • Modified Firemans Carry Takedown
  • Release German Suplex
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Shoot Kicks
  • Spear
  • Steel Trap (Omega Combination)
  • Vertical Suplex
  • Wristlock To Arm Stomp

Championships And Accomplishments:


Unplugged Extreme Women's Champion (x1)


  • Final Three of Battle Royal at "FPW Royal Clash" (2021)
  • First Ever Unplugged Extreme Women's Champion (2021)
2021 Concorde Cup Results (FPW / WPWF)
Broadcast Date Show Opponent/s Result
19.01.22 Concorde Cup Semi Final (FPW) Sue Plex Joanne Steel Won (New York Slice)
04.10.21 Concorde Cup Quarter Final (FPW) Becky Joanne Steel Won (Kirifuda Driver)
24.06.21 Concorde Cup First Round (FPW) Jessie Matteo Joanne Steel Won (Kirifuda Driver)

Fusion Pro Wrestling Results
Date Show Opponent/s Result
24.01.22 Uncensored Episode 11 Riot Committe (Loly Whan Nihasa & Hazard) Loly & Hazard won (Loly pinned Joanne)
06.01.22 New Year's Collision Kimberly Smith Joanne Steel won (Roll-up Pin]
16.12.21 Twas The Night Before Fusion 5 Woman Scramble Match (FPW Womens European Title)

Kharma Starr, Natalie Sonnen, Anarchy Warblood, The Banshee

The Banshee won at time exipry to retain title (Last Pin)
11.11.21 For The Forces Natalie Sonnen & Karma Starr (Triple Threat) No Contest due to outside interference from Anarchy Warblood
21.10.21 Cataclysm Loly Wahan Nihasa Loly Wahan Nihasa won by Backslide Pinfall [630 Senton]
14.10.21 FPW Episode 28 Stacy Driller Joanne Steel won by Pinfall [Yellow Cab Driver]
23.09.21 A Night At The Movies Stacy Driller Stacy Driller Won by Pass Out [Kirifuda Driver]
02.09.21 FPW Episode 23 Stacy Driller Stacy Driller won by Roll-Up Pin
19.08.21 Royal Clash Battle Royal (FPW Womens European Title) Reached Final Three before being eliminated
29.07.21 FPW Episode 19 Marionetta The Trickster Marionetta Won by pinfall [WOMEN'S HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE TOURNAMENT ROUND 1]
08.07.21 Rock The Dragon Abbie Tood Joanne Steel Won by Jackknife Powerbomb through light tubes [DEATH MATCH]
24.06.21 FPW Episode 14 Karma Starr Joanne Steel Won by Submission [Figure 8]
03.06.21 Chase The Sun Abbie Tood Abbie Tood won through opponent pass-out due to blood loss [SUBMISSION MATCH]
13.05.21 FPW Episode 9 Alison Danes & Samantha Foxy Alison & Samantha won when Samantha pinned Jessie Mateo [TAG-TEAM MATCH]
29.04.21 FPW Episode 7 Abbie Tood Joanne Steel won by Roll-Up Pin
15.04.21 FPW Episode 5 Natalie Sonnen Joanne Steel won by Opponent Pass Out [Kirifuda Driver]
01.04.21 FPW Episode 3 Samantha Foxy Samatha Foxy won by Pinfall [Exhalted Lariat]
25.03.21 FPW Episode 2 Abbie Tood Joanne Steel won by Pinfall [Coney Island Wonder Wheel]

Battle Championship Wrestling Results
Date Show Opponent/s Result
26.10.21 Battlezone World Title Table Squash Match Brie Champion Retained
19.10.21 Battlezone Sarah Jane Crowley Sarah Jane Crowly Won
05.10.21 Battlezone Kimberly Smith Kimberly won via pinfall
21.09.21 Battlezone Triple Threat Elimination:

Lia Duffield & Sara Clayton

Joanne won via pinfall (after "Yellow Cab Driver")
14.09.21 Battlezone Brie Joanne won via pinfall (after "New York Slice")
07.09.21 Battlezone Lia Duffield Lia won via pinfall (after "Tilt Your World")
28.08.21 Retaliation Sarah Jane Crowley Joanne won via DQ (after interference from Brie)

Promotion W L O TOTAL
Fusion Pro Wrestling 6 9 1 16
The Concorde Cup 2 0 0 2
Battle Championship Wrestling 3 4 0 7
Premier Wrestling 7 8 1 16
Digital Championship Wrestling Federation 6 27 1 34
Other (Charity/Tribute/etc) 2 3 1 6
TOTAL 26 51 4 81

Entrance Music:


  • FPW - "Stronger" by 'The Score' (single)


  • Premier - "Stronger" by 'The Score' (single)
  • DCWF - "Shitlist" by 'L7' (from the album "Bricks Are Heavy")
  • DCWF - "I Don't Need Society" by 'D.R.I' (from the album "Dirty Rotten LP")

Personal Life:

Joanne is lesbian, and an active supporter of LGBT+ rights. She is a proud New Yorker and wrestles with both the Yankees and the Jets logo's on either hand of the tape under her gloves. She has two sisters, Samantha and Verity.

Outside of her wrestling career she was the drummer with doom metal/stoner metal band 'The Ashes' (formed in February 2019). They released two albums, "Rise Up" released on Rollins Records label on 22nd June 2019 and "The Sciences" released 29th July 2020 during a release party and live two-set show to celebrate. The band had a residency at 'The Sonic Titan', a music venue based owned by Asher Rollins. It was announced by the band on 15th December 2020 that bassist Serina Styles had left the band, leaving doubts about any completed material being released, the band went on Hiatus on 16th December while they look for a new bass player. It was announced later in summer 2021 the band had split up permanently. In addition to the main band she had formed the band "The Steel Project" with her two sisters, in August 2020 the group signed a contract with Rollins Records but with the end of the band the label was also closed.

Joanne took on the minor part of 'Miss Lynch' in the Imagination Theatre stage production of the musical 'Grease' which ran from 16th October 2020 to 30th October 2020. In April 2021 she returned to the stage again taking on a couple of minor parts in the Pure Imagination Theatre production of Cinderella. She is set to take part in the theatre's production of "Little Shop Of Horrors" which will run on the second and third weeks of December where she will take on the role of 'Crystal'.