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La Catrina Calavera, real name Erza Theresa Vasquez (born November 2nd, 1994), is an American virtual professional wrestler. She is currently signed to Neo Cyber Society Wrestling, making her in-ring debut on April 30th, 2020.


La Catrina Calavera is a wolf that hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is the daughter of Mexican luchador Miguel 'Rey de Lobos' Sanchez and his one-time fling Vanessa Smith, a corporate secretary from Santa Fe.

She was forced to spend her usual days growing up with her uncle and her cousin, who became more of a family to her, and allowed her to become intriguated into the biker culture under the care of the Southwest Cannibals MC outlaw motorcycle club, in which her uncle was a charter member.

This helped both Catrina and her cousin to quickly mature into fighters due to the violent behavior in the gang, and to set an example for the others made Catrina take to the tradition around the beginning of November to paint herself like the saint of Day of the Dead, La Calavera Catrina.

The thing that started as a tradition turned into an open expression of her spirit to intimidate her opponents, even if one of them could be her own cousin during their sisterly sparring matches which often landed her facedown on the floor of the garage.

It was sadly for her not going to last forever once law enforcement began to lock away the gang management and one day she drove off on the motorcycle that she had built together with her cousin to find a new home for herself in the world.

It was after some rather unconventional ways of making a living that she ended up learning about wrestling and following her younger days watching legends like Yushin Lightning Tiger, Sazz, Big Mommy Cool, and even her own father Rey de Lobos, as well as newcomers in the new age like Dante Naumova, Red Umbra, and her all-time favorite, Ragnarok Cross, decided it was time to try her luck out with reaching new heights.

She was however not welcomed to join the roster was issues with management forced her to switch to a new location, which is when a bartender at a club told her about the promotion that would be where she appeared for the first time as The Phenom that seemed unstoppable.

Even here it would not be long before she had to leave due to problem with management and instead of living on the hope for something better, she took some fellow equal-minded people with her and laid the foundation to the promotion that would breach the gap between two worlds, Neo Cyber Society Wrestling.

Primal Instincts Wrestling Entertainment

La Catrina Calavera rather leave this memory behind and forget about it.

Neo Cyber Society Wrestling

The Corrupt Head Chairman Arc

La Catrina Calavera was a minor player in this arc, but sent messages on Twitter exposing the former head chairman Tyson Huo Lee as a manipulative criminal, something that earned her a ban from NCSW on April 23rd 2021, during which she conducted events behind the curtains to lead up to Tyson winning the Cruiserweight title, only to lose it to Nightmare Nagi with the help of Titania Melody.

This enforced Tyson to rehire her, which allowed Catrina access to all the documents detailing Tyson's entire scheme, and with the help of a fan in the audience falling under her manipulation, exposed Tyson officially to the entire world wide web when he lost a "I quit" match against Imani Nyeup who had recently became the NCSW World Wide Web Champion, who Catrina had lost to due to a faux pas pin.

La Catrina Calavera didn't take any credit for the work and let the true winners be all the victims of Tyson's cruelty.

Other Promotions

La Catrina Calavera haven't participated in any events yet.

Move List


  • Descansa en Paz (Code Red)

Signature Moves

  • La Verduga (Final Cut)
  • Road to Xibalba (Packaged Piledriver)

Match Records

NCSW Other
Total Matches 11 6
Won 6 5
Lost 5 1
Draw 0 0
NCSW Match Results
Date Event Location Result

Entrance Music


  • "The Boogie-Man" by Anonymous Artist


  • La Catrina Calavera actually has green eyes, but uses lenses to make them look heterochromatic.
  • The only one alive to know how La Catrina Calavera looks like without facepaint is her cousin.
  • La Catrina Calavera's wrestling style is influenced by The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio.
  • La Catrina Calavera is very protective of her collection of motorcycles and doesn't let anyone touch them unless they have earned her trust.
  • Despite her rough upbringing, La Catrina Calavera does in fact have above average grades.
    • Her best subjects were PE, Spanish, and English, while her worst were religion, math, and sex ed.
  • La Catrina Calavera has an affinity for witchcraft, an affinity shared with her cousin.