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Luca is a movie star, he is 19 and already has sixteen movies under his belt. because he watched wrestling he picked up the acting bug as roddy piper hulk hogan and the rock did. his biggest hit was a multi movie trilogy called the lost bank assassin epics.

Movies about an evil rich assassin named LBA that killed for the trill of the sound of hundred dollar bills his rich client?le paid him only at the end to become a hero saving a woman and her child from a former friend/rival. those three movies alone grossed 870million each making Luca an overnight powerhouse....however with instant fame....comes a downfall people ridaculed Luca for faking his own stunts and being a diva on the with his agent's blessings and for the reason of never being able to catch a gig again because of his haters so to speak Luca returns to his first love.....and right to the front door of premier wrestling. being a good guy he helps people with his riches cause he sees the pursuit of happiness is not the money and fame but the love and respect that he receives from helping the less fortunate he is a good-hearted person and strives to be a positive influence for others to follow.

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Early Life

Luca was born Alucardi Von Brasen of skoal Norway. not from the area he was born under rich socialite parents who shifted him to boarding school till he was five because taking care of a little child was not something his parents wanted to do cause of there busy wildflower type social lives. at age five Luca came back to a place he called home the amazing city of silicon valley California. his mother was a website guru his father worked with cpu's and fruit??? being as busy as they were Luca's parents left em with their esteem butler Oswald... who was a fan of action movies and wrestling... Luca wasn't a normal rich kid even though he had what he all desired all he wanted was the respect and acknowledgment of anyone he met. one day Luca searching for Oswald caught a glimpse of all the servants and butlers at the tv in the kitchen cheering and hooting over two men in a ring having a serious smackdown. those two men were a chubby common man named Dusty with black tights and yellow polka dots fighting a well-groomed man with money symbols on his tights and boots named Ted. pushing thru the crowd of servants Luca stared in awe as the evil millionaire got booed and hissed at as his manservant cheated to his whim. right there and then...the call of entertainment and sports were coursing in Luca's body

Professional Wrestling Career

Premier Wrestling (Oct 2020 - current)

Season 7

He Debuted near the end of season 7. One of the best Premier Wrestling superstars "Xander Garcia" and had a very close match against him. Proving he's not just an actor, not just a wealthy man. he's also skilled and serious about this new career he's about to start. After the Expolosive ending to season Seven L.B.A is applying his craft getting better and better with each match. win lose or draw his head is held high with any outcome cause all that matters is the respect he gets from the locker room.

Multiple Feds <Dec 2020-current>

Undressing his character he becomes the moniker Alucardi Blak Mr.Up all freaking night. A intergalactic Viking Full of confidence and the skills to take on any and everyone in his way. Applying his craft positively Lead him to have some amazing matches including a match with the warhorse Dante at firefight. And a chicago street fight at SCPW last show against Gunther. showing diversity and the ability to adapt to any match type this rookie is becoming more and more of a shining star.


The Name

L.B.A the absolute gent was giving to him for his selfless donations and help to the pilliars of community

L.B.A Millon Dollar Dreaming was giving to him by his peers because of his lavish lifestyle!

^^^Explains more of the movie career aspect!

Mr.Up all freaking night /Black masskicker Intergalactic Viking Lucardi Black

was made due to this wrestlers interstellar travels and insane appetited for violence and competition .

Invade Distroy Repeat

The Goal

Luca has one main goal and it is to prove to all his naysayers and fans that he is the real deal. He's not just an actor, not just a wealthy man. he is just the real deal. he got it all including the skills. showing off an amateur wrestling catch grappling type skill set along with and explosive yet graceful heavy hitter.

Lucardi's Blak motivation is simple and to the point to climb the preverbal mountain and leave nothing but bodies in his wake!