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Plague Malice, real name Patrycja Mileska (born July 25th, 1994), is a Polish virtual professional wrestler. She is currently signed to Neo Cyber Society Wrestling, making her in-ring debut on November 13th, 2021.


Plague Malice wants to remain an enigma, but hails from Poznan, Poland.

Neo Cyber Society Wrestling

Kidnapping of La Catrina Calavera

At her Darknet match at the Saturday System Checks show, November 13th 2021, Plague Malice beat La Catrina Calavera and kidnapped her.

Photos have appeared on La Catrina's Twitter of her slowly being corrupted by Plague Malice into a follower of The Fae Wild.

So far, La Catrina Calavera is serving Plague Malice.

Other Promotions

Plague Malice haven't participated in any events yet.

Move List


  • Dirty Deeds Injection
  • Kiss of Death (Sister Abigail)

Signature Moves

  • Dirty Deeds Strike
  • Swamp Toxin

Match Records

NCSW Other
Total Matches 3 0
Won 2 0
Lost 1 0
Draw 0 0
NCSW Match Results
Date Event Location Result

Entrance Music


  • To Be Determined


  • Plague Malice is married in real life to The Jewel.