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Rayne Dragonova (Born Rayne Alexandra Dragonova on September 17th 2002) is a 19 year old wrestler Born in Tokyo Japan (Billed from Tokyo Japan) She is Currently trained by Samantha Foxy, She currently works for FPW (Fusion Pro Wrestling) based in England,UK.


Rayne Alexandra Dragonova was born on September 17th 2002 (19 years old) and ever since she was little she was taught how to fight at a very young age. She trained to learn Dragon Style Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing MMA and Learning how to fight with A Bokken a wooden training katana. As a child she loved wrestling watching it with her parents. In High School she joined the All-Star Female Wrestling Division becoming a 2 time division champion. After graduation she joined the Military and honed in on her fighting skills learning Military style Martial arts and MMA as well as Tae-Kwan-Do. She stayed for about 4 years before being released. She eventually left Japan and moved to the States to advance in her career. Feeling incomplete she decides to relive her dream as a fighter and becoming a Wrestler after listening to friends advice she decides to go with FPW and head to the UK to begin her Training now known as "Dragon Empress" Rayne Dragonova awaiting to show the world who and what she really is.

Fusion Pro Wrestling (FPW)

Rayne started in FPW back in 2020 but debuted July 9th, 2021 beginning her Journey to be a manager as she came in and came to praise Samantha Foxy at her match the following week at Rock the Dragon but also asking her for advice to dominate the Dragoness within her. After their talk she stayed to witness the match between Samantha and Ruth.

Move List:


Dragon's Reign - Diamond Cutter

Draconian Nexus - Sharpshooter

Weapon - Bokken: Japanese Wooden Katana called Dragon of the Divine Wind

Entrance Music:

[Bury the Light - Casey Edwards (Current) ]

Personal Life:

Rayne is a Lesbian. Happily married to her wife of 18+ years Chrissy Augustus Dragonova have 4 wonderful daughters together. She is a Biker, Loves Chinese Food, A Gamer and RPer. Also recently she found her long-lost twin sisters they separated at birth all three now reunited at long last. As well as their other sister hidden for some time now also reunited. She is always improving her skills as a fighter using both fists and her Bokken which were her inspirations in developing her Character as Fighting has always been a major part of not only her life but helping her learn more about her natural abilities as well. Learning more about her heritage both her Draconian and Demon Traits and inputting her Samurai skills.