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UPDATE - Jan 26th, 2024

Due to the significant, unnecessary restrictions placed upon the page by a former administrator, the wiki has now had all prior bans and restrictions placed for personal or petty reasons removed in entirety. With the help and agreement of Fandom, we have found the prior administrator was abusing their powers and Fandom has since removed them from their position. They are still welcome to participate but will not be able to lock down pages or ban members any more.

This wiki was created for the entire community and we intend for it to stay that way. The administration team will not actively update this, so it is up to the community to add, edit, and update all pages. We will only step in when administration is needed. Whether it goes unused or becomes a massive resource is up to those that use it. Thank you.


The SL Wrestling Wiki is a fan-created website. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to collect everything there is to know about the Second Life Wrestling Industry.

Show Schedule[]

The following outlines a list of the current and active Professional Wrestling promotions within the Second Life community, as well as a schedule displaying show times for each promotion.
TIMESLOTS Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10AM OEW Adrenaline
1PM PREMIER Attitude RISE: Ring of International Stars Experience PREMIER Overload
2PM RISE: Ring of International Stars Experience DCWF Slam City
3PM VWE Endurance BCW Battlezone
4PM EAW: Elite Angel Wrestling
5PM HONOR Oblivion UFW Unbroken
6PM HONOR Infinity DAW Amplify/Crossfade (Bi-Weekly) VWE Defiance WPWF Asylum
7PM UFW Frontline FWF Blood(7:15PM SLT) Primal-7pm SLT

(Shows Bi-Weekly)

8PM UFW Nightfall