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For almost eight years, Professional Wrestling has entertained fans within the Second Life community starting with promotions like SLCW, VWA, XWA, and HKWF. Here, fans new and old of Professional Wrestling on Second Life can find information on their favorite wrestlers and so much more!

Talent (as of 4/30/2018)  

Active Promotions & Show Schedule (as of 4/30/2018)  

The following outlines a list of the current and active Professional Wrestling promotions within the Second Life community, as well as a schedule displaying show times for each promotion.


  • Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW) @ 2PM SLT



  • Kingdom of Wrestling Sovereign (KOW) @ 2PM SLT


  • Premier Wrestling (PW) @1pmSLT (weekly swapping the day once on Friday once Thursday)




Inactive Promotions (as of 5/17/2018)  

Upcoming Free-Per-Views (FpV)  


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