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SMF (Born 22 May, 1999) is an Australian professional wrestler currently signed to Premier Wrestling under the NAW Brand. He was known on the Australian Independent Circuit in his early days, before signing with the promotion he's best known in, Premier Wrestling. Over his time in Premier Wrestling, SMF has been a two time Premier Wrestling Hardcore Champion and has challenged for titles such as the Premier Wrestling Heavyweight and Middleweight championships, and the NAW Undisputed Championship.


Debut & Heel Turn (2020)

SMF debuted in Premier Wrestling on a house show, where he faced the Heavyweight Champion at the time and his trainer, "The Omen" Damien Krux. SMF ultimately lost the match by disqualification, only for Omen to get up and perform his finishing move on him. SMF would go on to have a few more house shows under his heel persona, delivering a well remembered promo at a house show at Misfit Hellionz MC, after his opponent, Uncle Bobby, failed to show up on time to his match with Siegfried after being arrested on the way there.

Face Turn & Various Opponents (2020-2021)

Following a match with Josh Poffo on Unplugged, SMF would turn face and help his downed opponent up after the match. SMF would continue on Unplugged throughout his time in Premier Wrestling, having many memorable matches with various opponents. He fought at various venues around the grid, such as The Castro District, Tohoku, Mount Judas (Defunct), Port Chacona (Defunct), GOHA and Karen's Cove.

Premier Wrestling Hardcore Champion & Various Feuds (2021)

Departure from Unplugged (Mid 2021)

He temporarily departed from the brand in preparation for his NAW debut, following a charity event for RAINN at Premier Wrestling's arena at GOHA. SMF was quiet about his departure, leading to speculation as to why he had left so suddenly. While the main contributing factors were preparation for his NAW debut, SMF had also suffered several injuries throughout the course of Season 10 of Premier Wrestling, and required rehabilitation for an injured knee.

Return to Unplugged (October 2021)

Premier Wrestling (Pre-Brand Split) (2020-2021)


SMF made his main roster debut in a 6 man battle royal for the #1 contender spot for the Heavyweight Championship. He eliminated two men before being eliminated himself by Zach Rage.

Season 7 - Feud with The Ace & #1 Contender for the Middleweight Title

SMF went on to feud with The Ace in a storyline starting during Episode 6 of the 7th season of Premier Wrestling. The Ace was approached by SMF's son, only to scold the young boy and tell him to get out. Once the boy had left the locker room, SMF walked in and confronted The Ace, commenting on how he allegedly ended Hunter's career the previous week, and that regardless of that, he would be "the most dangerous person he'd face in this business." This segment resulted in SMF turning face for the first time on a studio show, and being placed into a match the next week against The Ace. He would go on to win by a quick rollup when Ace tried to Ace Mark him. The victory was a major upset, resulting in an explicit exchange, in which Siegfried challenged Ace to a two out of three falls match at the season finale of Season 7. SMF was disqualified from the match after Ace slammed a chair against the mat and threw the chair into his hands, before falling on the mat. The referee was down at the time, getting up just in time to catch the moment SMF had the chair in his hands, calling the match off as a disqualification, causing Ace to retain the title.

Season 8 - Brief Feud with L.B.A. & Heavyweight Championship Tournament

In season 8, SMF encountered a new opponent while announcing his plans for his future with Premier Wrestling. A new wrestled debuted, under the name L.B.A. The two had a match the next week, in which SMF defeated L.B.A after a hard fought match. A second match was rumoured to be in the works, as there was talk of L.B.A not being satisfied with the loss, due to the extended time outside of the ring, an argued that there should've been a double count out. Instead the match went on and resulted in his loss by pinfall. While this was not mentioned in any interviews relating to L.B.A's departure, he soon left Premier Wrestling to explore opportunities in Tokyo, Japan. They'd not encounter each other again in person until Season 10 of Premier Wrestling. SMF was left to face fellow countryman, Josh Poffo in a tournament to become #1 Contender for the Premier Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. He was defeated, though the match resulted in a knee injury to Poffo that would go on to cost him the World Heavyweight Championship later.

Season 8 - Mid Season & Feud with Declan "The Knave" Navarro

In the opening contest of the Mid Season episode, which doubled as a tribute to the late real life wrestler, Brodie Lee, SMF faced off against Zach Rage, only to be jumped after his victory in the match by former protégé, Declan "The Knave" Navarro. The Knave smashed a bottle of Fosters over the head of SMF as a joke about his home country of Australia, before cutting a promo on him. This lead to a feud, which would ultimately end with SMF taking the victory in a hardcore match, which saw the destruction of current GM Dante's office, as well as fighting in other areas of the arena.

Season 9 - Friendship & Friendly Rivalry with Dany Thunder

SMF started of Season 9 by thanking those who had supported him throughout his time in Premier Wrestling, but reflected on the reason he was in Premier Wrestling in the first place. He spoke of his time on the indies and the legends he looked up to while watching the former promotion VAW on TV. To start of Season 9, SMF called out any veterans he would've watched all those years ago, and said it would be an honour to have a match with them to earn his stripes in Premier. Maven Gothly was the first competitor to respond to the challenge, followed by returning legendary high flier, Doobienator. Just as the match was about to start, a returning VAW superstar, Dany Thunder, came out of retirement and inserted himself into the match. During the match, Dany Thunder and SMF had limited offence against each other, before the fatal four way's chaos got them away from each other, leading to an exchange between SMF and Maven Gothly on the outside. During this time, Dany Thunder successfully pinned Doobienator and took the win. After the match, SMF and Thunder shook hands and expected to be on their way.

On the next episode of Premier Wrestling, Dany Thunder would call out SMF for a one on one rematch, as he noticed that for a newer guy, he had a lot of skill, and that he pushed him to his limits. The two put on an extremely even contest, resulting in the first ever time limit draw in Premier Wrestling history. Upon the time limit draw, the then General Manager of Premier Wrestling, Dante, came out and expressed great interest in both performers, inviting them to his office on the next episode of Premier Wrestling for a special offer. The two would meet during the next episode, both dressed in their finest clothes for the occasion. General Manager Dante scheduled a rematch for the Mid Season episode. The catch to this was the fact that it would be a 15 minute iron man match. The next week at the mid season finale, Dany Thunder and SMF fought in the iron man match, in what looked like was going to be another time limit draw, only for SMF to pin Thunder within the last 3 seconds of the match in order to become #1 contender.

Season 9 - #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Championship

In the main event of Episode 5 of Premier Wrestling there was a scheduled non-title triple threat between SMF, Doobienator and his former tag team partner and Heavyweight Champion at the time, Vigilante Hunter. During the match, SMF was setting up for a move off the top rope, when Vigilante Hunter knocked SMF off of the top rope, causing him to land on his neck on the steel steps. Despite medical concerns with SMF, the match continued between Vigilante Hunter and Doobienator, resulting in the Champion taking the win. During this time, SMF was put onto a stretcher and moved to the stage for further examination, as it was believed he'd sustained a potentially career-threatening injury. After the match, Vigilante Hunter seemed somewhat disturbed as he walked up the ramp, just as SMF had been taken to the back. A few moments later, SMF was thrown out the entryway after an incident backstage, before being hit with the Hunter's trap off of the stage into the crowd. SMF was later rushed to hospital in a critical condition, where he spent the next week in a coma. During this time, it was discovered that SMF had fractured vertebrae in his neck, and he would be unable to walk for some time. During this time he was placed in a wheelchair and relegated to commentary on Unplugged, remaining absent from Premier Wrestling programming for some time.

SMF returned to Premier Wrestling programming on Episode 7 of Premier Wrestling. He showed up on crutches, to deliver what many believe to be his retirement speech. During this speech, the very opposite was confirmed, and SMF vowed to fight Vigilante Hunter in the season finale, regardless of medical advice or his condition. This was a matter of principle for SMF rather than a matter of logic.

In the season finale, Hunter and SMF faced off one last time, with victory looking like a certainty for SMF until familiar music played throughout the arena. Vince Aftermath, after many months missing at sea, made his return to Premier Wrestling, seemingly involved with Vigilante Hunter in some way shape or form which would not be revealed until Season 10.

Draft to New Attitude Wrestling (NAW) (2021 - Present)

Backstage Roles and Personal Life

Outside of wrestling, SMF is the Head of Talent Relations for Premier Wrestling, and works closely with other members of Premier Wrestling management. He is also a member of the Premier Wrestling training division, serving as a reserve trainer, booking/directing instructor and wrestling specialist, working in the Premier Wrestling Gym and Training Centre, where he contributes his real life experience in the independent wrestling circuit.

Outside of Premier Wrestling, SMF is known to keep his private life to himself. He is an avid musician, gamer, roleplay enthusiast and wrestling fan. He is also known for being active in the SL Wrestling Community, watching various shows from various promotions and taking an interest in SL Wrestling History. He is well known for his memes, which inspired his signature move, the "Yeetus Maximus."

He currently resides in a private residence in Karen's Cove with his partner and is currently planning on opening a museum in the near future.