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The Hunter (Born February 14, 1993) is a professional Second Life wrestler who is currently signed to Premier Wrestling on their main show.

The Hunter is an aggressive , explosive wrestler. he uses his aggression and speed to destroy his opponents as soon as he can .Not only does he pack really powerful punches , He is also well known to have an incredible endurance which helps him to survive series of heavy punishments .

Hunter doesn't believe in giving up , it's why he never taps out even if it means him having a serious injury. This is something that works for and against the Hunter during  a match.

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Early Life

Born in India and raised up in Manchester ,Hunter was always a wrestling fan .The big turning point in his life came in the form betrayal by one of his unit personnel , when he was 24 years old and was court Marshalled by the army on false charges.Its when Hunter decided to get himself inked like a predator and join his childhood dream professional wrestling . A place where he could use that rage on others.

Professional Wrestling Career

Premier Wrestling (2019 - current)

[wrestling] Considered one of the most aggressive wrestler , After his debut Hunter had faced many tough opponents and had won many fights.

Hunter had been a part of 1st ever TAG TEAM MATCH and INFERNO MATCH Organised by premier wrestling

Season 1 : Hunter made his debut in Season 1 episode 7 Against the duo of Unhinged ,While Hunter was unable to beat Corrupt but he sure did win the attention from the audience by his explosive method of wrestling.

Season 2: This season was a big learning experience for Hunter , as he was pitted against wrestlers of various fighting skills from the likes of rookies like Hornet to the legendary wrestlers Like Xander and Bj oharo.

The season however did not end up on a good note, as this season brought 1st ever tag team match in premier where he was betrayed by Non other then LG. This was a turning point in Hunters career, as it not only influenced his future matches but also gave him his 1st target for his HUNTING LIST.

Season 3: Season 3 started with Hunter being unhappy with the Management , he was angry by the fact that despite being fan favorite he was not scheduled for any match on season 3 episode 1 . He however did earned up getting a match against Storm , but who according to Hunter was a good wrestler but not just good enough . Hunter directly challenged the Management and due to his persistence to not give up he finally ended up getting a DQmatch against LG , Hunter beat LG by surprising him with new submission move Hunters Atrocity and ended up getting a title shot for Heavyweight championship against Johny Angle and The Omega.

Season 4 : Despite losing the Heavyweight championship title Hunter was not done fighting for it , this however caused a feud between The Hunter and The Plague duo of Crisis and Tyler. While the 1st half of the season Hunter fought to prove that he is better than Tyler ,He did that by beating tyler in episode 4 of the season which gave him a title shot for Middleweight championship title held by crisis .

Hunter ended up having 1st ever inferno match against crisis for the middle weight title , after a gruesome fight Hunter manages to beat crisis and Wins the Middleweight Championship .

Season 5 : Just when the fans were about to start wondering where did their favorite Middleweight champion go after winning the title in season 4, Hunter made a surprise appearance on episode 3 of the season .Hunter came in charging to stop Brandon Ixito from harassing the female wrestler/diva Kandy Perez .This didn't go down too well with Brandon as he challenged Hunter for a match with his title on the line at mid season finale with a promise that if loses the match he will stop chasing Kandy . Hunter accepted the challenge ,after a gruesome fight Hunter not only managed to save Kandy but also retain his title .

Season 6: After his encounter with Brandon Ixito in season 5 ,Hunter realized that the wrestling has changed and its not what it is suppose to be . Hunter decides to take matter in his own hands and started hunting every wrestler who ever fought dirty to win . Hunter started adding names to his Hunting list and crossed off those names after they were punished by him . Despite adding The Hornet to his list , Hunter let him go after Trey steel convinced Hunter that the hornet is still redeemable .

Hunter decided to add another name to his list , to take Hornets place. Someone who was needed to be punished . Its when Hunter added The Ace to his Hunting list , who he later faced off at mid season finale where Hunters title was once again on the line. After a very bloody battle , Hunter managed to come on top beating ace and defending his title yet again.

Ace didn't liked the outcome of the match,and he wanted to find where it hurts Hunter the most .Ace finally figured out Hunters weakness when he attacked his wife Keira Hunter in episode 5 while Hunter was busy wrestling Loody . Hunter lost the match due to count down while he checked on Keira , Hunter vowed to take revenge . but it wasn't as easy ,as Ace started attacking hunter when he least expected and forced Hunter to fight him on season finale on his terms . Hunter agreed his terms , which was to fight him in a TLC no DQ match in presence of his wife Keira. BK another well known wrestler after hearing the conditions of Ace about bringing Hunters wife to the match,promised Hunter that he will intervene and protect his wife if Ace tried to attack her.

Hunter and Ace went all out on each other , destroying tables, chairs and each other. By the end of the match Ace threaten to hurt Keira , but on seeing Bk walk in the ramp relieved Hunter as he proceeded to get the belt and defend his title for the third time.But only to be surprised by the unexpected betrayal from BK who was involved with Ace all along , as he helped Ace restrain Hunter and kidnap his wife Keira to punish Hunter for winning the title .

Season 7 : After the unexpected betrayal from BK in season 6 ,Hunter started searching for his wife Keira . Ace on noticing how desperate Hunter was to get his wife back , took the advantage of the situation and yet again forced Hunter to have another title match on his condition .The new condition by The Ace was for Hunter to face him while being handcuffed in a handicapped match ,Hunter agreed the condition as he signed the papers which got him his wife back and he sealed the deal by smashing Ace through the table as soon as he was done signing the documents .

Hunter faced The Ace at mid season finale , while being handcuffed. Even when handcuffed and being at a great disadvantage Hunter surprised everyone there who came to watch the match expecting it to be one sided . Hunter showed how much can he do with his legs alone and when it seemed like Hunter doesn't need his hands to win . Ace fought back ,He dodged Hunters signature move HUNTER'S KICK and countered Hunter with his finisher ACE MARK .Hunter took the full blow of the mark and was knocked down, Ace went for the pin , Ace won the match and title but he wasn't done yet . Ace wanted to eliminate the threat and he did it by slamming hunters face on a steel chair followed by a smash on his face by a sledge hammer and ending his career by his infamous sleeper hold.

Hunter was gone for the remaining of the season , making people wonder what happened to him. Throughout the remainder of season there were rumors about a new wrestler who goes by the name VIGILANTE in the city who was taking down other wrestlers showing no mercy . During season finale it was revealed that The Vigilante was non other then Hunter who was now in a new persona called VIGILANTE HUNTER .

Season 8 : Vigilante Hunter wrestled his 1st match in premier, in episode 2 of the season against Veteran Maven Gothly . Where fans witnessed noticeable changes in Hunter's wrestling as he seemed more brutal in the way he fought his opponent .Vigilante Hunter won the fight against maven and ended being top contender for Heavy weight title which was relinquished in episode 1 of the season by former Heavy Weight champion The Omen .Omen,who as per the rumors go ,left the title as he was too scared to face the Vigilante Hunter.

Vigilante Hunter then fought against the light weight champion The Hornet in episode 4, and came on top winning the match . Vigilante Hunter would then go on to face another top contender for Heavy weight title in episode 5 against wrestling veteran Josh Poffo .The match was pretty evenly match , and Vigilante Hunter won the match by making Josh Poffo tap out by his submission hold . Vigilante Hunter won the Heavy weight title , and is the current premier champion

Vigilante Hunter ,was then booked to fight against L.G in episode 6 . Hunter had very little difficulty in winning this fight as L.G. seemed to be no match for Hunter .

Vigilante Hunter made a surprise interference entrance during the main event of season finale , where he went straight for The Ace . Vigilante Hunter punished Ace for what he did to him and his wife in past , and got his revenge by not only inflicting ace some serious injuries but also costing him the middle weight title like ace did to him in season 7 episode 4.

So far Hunter has not lost any match ever since he made his come back as The Vigilante Hunter.

[training] The Hunter has trained faces like The Doobienator ,The Hornet,The Shade and Frog girl,And was a former Head Trainer at Premier Wrestling.


The Name

"The Hunter" name was picked mainly because of his army background where he was trained to hunt down enemies, it is something which he took with him after the infamous incident. The name gives him a purpose and acts as a reminder of his days in the army. 

The Goal

The Hunter has one goal, which is to hunt down those who win by playing it dirty, To challenge and destroy all those who don't deserve to have the title.

He wants to give all the wrestling fans a champion that they deserve, and he considers himself to be that champion.