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VWE BeachBrawl(2014)
BeachBrawl Banner.png
VWE BeachBrawl 2014 Banner
Vital statistics
Participants Virtual Wrestling Entertainment
Date July 18th, 2014
Location Olympus Stadium

VWE BeachBrawl 2014, was an event that took place on July 18th 2014 by Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.  It was headlined by a large 6-Man Tag Team Match where Cody Houley, Maxwell Ryan and Ryker Malakai of Descent defeated Curt Bombastic, Ranma Yorshio and Derrick Cult of the Impac Mafia. This supercard was followed by VWE Elimination Royale (2014) in September of 2014.




Scheduled Card

Clash at the Beach - July 16th 2014

# Match Information
1 Vince Easterwood def Jeffery Fireguard Singles Match
2 Alison Daines def Maxine & Lyra Phoenix to become the new VWE Women's International Champion Triple Threat for the VWE Women's International Championship
3 Slayde def Broly Blackheart Singles Match
4 Ery Laerwen def Horses Morrisey to become the new VWE Women's World Champion Singles Match for the VWE Women's World Champion

Beachbrawl - July 18th 2014

# Match Information
EXP 1 Ivanna def Rani Patel Bombshell Singles Match
EXP 2 Tyler Corvas def Jefferey Fireguard Singles Match
1 Jasper Corvinus def Stuart Warf (c) to become the new Grid Champion For the VWE Grid Championship
2 Roxanne def La Gata & Hilary Lanfier & Isabelle Martinez 4-Bombshell Battle Royal
3 Christina Krovac def Nikoletta Lukov thanks to some help from Cody Houley Loser Leaves VWE Street Fight
4 Acheron Nightfire & Vince Easterwood def Ashe Cuervo & Marionetta (c) to become the new VWE Tag Team Champions For the VWE Tag Team Championship
5 DavidHawk Actor (c) def Sam Singletary by pinfall to retain the Championship In a Cage Match for the VWE Men's International Championship
6 Cody Houley & Maxwell Ryan & Ryker Malakai def Curt Bombastic & Derrick Cult & Ranma Yoshiro 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match