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VWE BeachBrawl(2014)
Elimination Royale 2014.jpg
VWE Elimination Royale 2014 Banner
Vital statistics
Participants Virtual Wrestling Entertainment
Date September 19th, 2014
Location Olympus Stadium

VWE Elimination Royale, was an event that took place on September 19th 2014 by Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.  On September 3rd, World Champion Cody Houley stepped out into the ring and let everyone know that a back injury was going to be taking him out for an indefinite amount of time.  The title was vacated on the spot.  That Friday (September 5th), on VWE Edge, Chairman Stuart Warf set up a match for Elimination Royale pitting Curt Bombastic against Jackson Doune for the vacant Championship.  Later that evening, Austin Knight made it a Triple Threat, adding DavidHawk Actor.  During that same episode of Edge, a match for the Women's Championship was set up for Elimination Royale as the former Champion, Horses Morrisey, challenged current Champion, Ery Laerwyn to a TLC (Teddys, Legos and Cookies) Match.  This supercard was followed by VWE Six Feet Under

International Cup

The International Cup has been brought back for this year's Elimination Royale. Four men will fight in a single elimination mini-tournament to earn the #30 spot in the Elimination Royale Match. Curt Bombastic will represent Canada, Jeffrey Fireguard will represent the United States, Ashe Cuervo will represent Canada and newcomer Daggar will represent South Africa.



  • Jeffrey Fireguard def Ashe Cuervo to earn the # 30 Spot for the Elimination Royale Match

Elimination Royale Entrants

1. Jackson Doune
2. Chuy Luis Mendoza
3. Bryce Kettlery
4. John Struk (no show)
5. Alexius Gant
6. Red Wing
7. Rani Patel
8. Xander Lucas
9. Roxanne
10. Derrick Cult *winner
11. La Gata Loca
12. Alexa
13. Acheron Nightfire
14. Jasyn Slayde
15. Wolfy Kessel
16. Lee Valentine
17. Curt Bombastic
18. Ery Laerwyn
19. Horses Morrisey
20. Acheron Nightfire
21. Marionetta the Trickster
22. Raion Hiro
23. Lily Martinez
24. Maxwell Ryan
25. Ranma Yoshiro
26. Maxine Darkwatch
27. Christina Krovac
28. Isabelle Martinez *winner
29. Ashe Cuervo
30. Jeffrey Fireguard

Scheduled Card

VWE Elimination Royale - September 19th, 2014



1 Horses Morrisey vs Ery Laerwyn ended in a draw when Austin stopped the match and vacated the title in a TLC Match for the VWE Women's Championship
2 DavidHawk Actor def Curt Bombastic & Jackson Doune to win the title in a Triple Threat Match for the Vacant VWE World Heavyweight Championship
3 Isabelle Martinez and Derrick Cult lasted out 28 other Superstars to win the Elimination Royale Match Elimination Royale Match