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VWE WrestleSeries 6 was an event performed on December 12th 2014 at 5pm SLT by Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.  After winning the 2014 Elimination Royale, Derrick Cult secured his position in the main event of WrestleSeries 6. At VWE Six Feet Under (2014), DavidHawk Actor retained the VWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Elimination Dome Match making his next challenger, the winner of the Elimination Royale. Isabelle locked in her place at WrestleSeries 6 with a win at VWE Elimination Royale (2014) and then a victory over Lily at Six Feet Under. Lee Valentine won the opportunity to face Isabelle by winning a large Bombshell Tournament. After costing Benja Nirvana the VWE Grid Championship, Maxwell Ryan caught the focus of The Big Shot, leading to WrestleSeries 6 in a Hell in a Cell Match. After some back and forth attacks, Roxanne got her wish of a match against Rie Kurihara for the Women's International Championship in a First Blood Match on Primetime (12/3) after Rie attacked and spoke over Roxanne's unconscious body. On the November 14th edition of Edge, Stuart Warf announced that after WrestleSeries he would be stepping down as Chairman and for one night only, for five minutes only, he'd give Curt Bombastic a chance to face him one on one. To earn a shot at the VWE Grid Championship, Captain Falcon defeated Daggar on the December 3rd edition of Primetime and welcomed the opportunity to face Jeffery Fireguard for the title.

Scheduled Card for WrestleSeries 6

VWE Wrestleseries 6 - December 12th, 2014



1 Jeffery Fireguard def Captain Falcon via pinfall to retain the Title for the VWE Grid Championship 
2 Kieran Darkwatch def Vince Easterwood by pinfall thanks to a distraction by Maxine Darkwatch in a Singles Match
3 Christina Krovac def Horses Morrisey, Rani Patel & Ery Laerwyn 4-Way Bombshell $1,000,000 Ladder Match
4 Before the match of Curt Bombastic vs Stuart Warf could begin, Curt was attacked by a masked man.  After the attack, Stuart Warf proceeded to fire Curt Bombastic and Ranma Yoshiro from the VWE in a 5-minutes of Fame Match 
5 Rie Kurihara def Roxanne to retain the Women's International Championship in a First Blood Match for the VWE Women's International Championship 
6 Jackson Doune def Alexius Gant by pinfall in a Singles Match 
7 Benja Nirvana def Maxwell Ryan by pinfall in a Hell in a Cell Match
8 Isabelle def Lee Valentine after a sitout powerbomb through some steel chairs to win the vacant VWE Women's Championship for the VWE Women's Championship 
9 Derrick Cult def DavidHawk Actor to become the new VWE World Heavyweight Champion, even with interference from David's brother Jedrek Leodhais for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship