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Xtreme Live Wrestling (XLW)


Maureenann Dragga & Neo Dragga




XLW Monday Night Mayhem @ 6pmSLT


Xtreme Live Wrestling (XLW) was founded 3 years ago by a resident named Maureenann.Daglish (AKA The Dragon Lady).

Maureenann invisioned a promotion without any drama. A place where anyone can walk through the door and become a wrestler. The only thing she requires is commitment. Maureenann said, "If you want to succeed in this buisness, then you need to be committed to it!"

Notable Events

In the past few months, XLW has blasted onto the scene with their first ever "elimination chamber-like" match called the "Chamber of Horrors" at the FPV (Free-Per-View) of the same name on October 28th, 2012. This was their first FPV event in a few months. At the event, we saw Mac Gaelyth go up against Scott Dragga for the vacant XLW Championship, which Mac won, and we witnessed "The Dragon Lady" Maureenann Dragga put her title on the line in a match against Lala Trueblood. Unfortunatly, Maureenann lost her title to her opponent.

XLW Wrestlers saluting the US flag on 9/11/12

On September 11th, 2012, XLW celebrated the brave warriors that died during the September 11th terrorist attacks by having each wrestler do a speech and salute the United States flag.

Since then, XLW has gained many names such as Scott Hex and Phux Porthos (Returned), and hopes to sign many more to a contract.



- Maureenann Dragga

- Neo Dragga

- Phux Porthos

- Matt 'Nitro' Dragga

- Lala Trueblood

- Cam Trueblood

- Punk

- Scott Dragga

- Mac Gaelyth

- Romlic 'The Rebel' Diamond

- Scott Hex

- Baker Boy

- Maven Gothly


XLW World Heavyweight Champion- Matt 'Nitro' Dragga

XLW Champion- Mac Gaelyth

XLW Diva's Champion- Lala Trueblood

XLW Hardcore Champion- Neo Dragga

XLW Tag Team Champions- Vacant